Hulk Marvel Superheroes
Real Name Hulk
Alternate Identity Bruce Banner
Powers and Abilities Incredible Strength and Durability
Team Affiliations Avengers
Hulk is from the Non MAU series The Marvel Super Heroes.

Hulk is the alternate personality of Bruce Banner.


Birth of the Hulk

Bruce Banner developed a Gamma Bomb for the United States Army. On the day the Gamma Bomb was to be tested, Rick Jones drove into the blast site. Banner told his fellow scientist, Igor, to stop the countdown so that he could save Rick. As Banner got to Rick he pushed him into a trench. The Gamma Bomb then exploded and Banner was exposed to massive amounts of gamma radiation. Banner soon learned that he would turn into a giant green monster whenever he got angry. The military dubbed this green monster the Hulk.

When Banner first turned into the Hulk, he instinctively returned to the home of Bruce Banner. Inside Bruce's home, Hulk caught Igor searching for Bruce Banner's gamma ray formula. Hulk was easily able to knock out Igor and shortly afterward he turned back into Bruce Banner. The military arrived moments later because they had tracked Hulk to Banner's house. However, the military instead arrested Igor for trying to steal military secrets.

While in prison Igor was secretly able to send a message to the Gorgon and told him about the Hulk. Gorgon went to America and was able to capture the Hulk and Rick Jones and returned with them to Russia. When they arrived in Russia, Gorgon learned that Hulk and Bruce Banner were the same person. Gorgon then begged Bruce to turn him back into a normal human. Banner was able to turn Gorgon back into a normal human, and Gorgon allowed Banner and Rick to escape in his rocket and return to America.

Accused traitor

When Bruce Banner was captured by the Soviet Union, the U.S. military learned of this and wrongly believed that Banner was a traitor. Major Glenn Talbot then volunteered to go behind the Iron Curtin and capture or if necessary kill Bruce Banner.

The Soviet Union wanted Banner to use his scientific genius to create weapons for them. However, Banner refused. Banner then transformed into the Hulk and was easily able to defeat the Soviet soldiers.

After defeating the soldiers Hulk traveled to Mongolia and was captured by a group of bandits led by a man named Khanga Khan after transforming back into Bruce Banner. However, Banner was able to escape along with Glenn Talbot who had been sent to retrieve Banner.

When Banner and Talbot returned to the U.S., Banner was placed under arrest. However, Thaddeus Ross got orders from his superiors that Banner had been cleared of all charges and was to be released.

The Leader

The Leader was one of Hulk's deadliest foes. On multiple occasions Leader tried to steal nuclear powered machines from Bruce Banner.

Leader once placed Hulk under his control and sent him the Watcher's planet to steal his knowledge. However, Leader ended up dying when he attempted to to learn all that the Watcher knew.


Hulk was one of the founding members of the Avengers along with Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, and Wasp. However, no one on the Avengers actually liked the Hulk.

An alien called Space Phantom sent Hulk to limbo. Space Phantom then took Hulk's form and infiltrated the Avengers. As the Hulk, Space Phantom attacked the Avengers. When Space Phantom was defeated, Hulk learned just how much the other Avengers hated him so he quit the team.


Hulk was voiced by Max Ferguson.

First version of the character outside the comics.

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