Howard Stark
Howard Missing Son IIM
Real Name Howard Stark
Team Affiliations Stark Enterprises
Allies Boyer
Family and Friends Maria Stark (Wife)
Tony Stark (Son)
Howard Stark is from the Non MAU video The Invincible Iron Man.

Howard Stark is the head of Stark Enterprises and the father of Tony Stark.


Howard had a wife named Maria and they had a son named Tony. However, she died and afterwards Howard became distant with his son.

When his son began an expensive project in China, Howard sided with the board of directors in getting Tony out.

Tony went to China to rescue his friend James Rhodes. He was captured by the Jade Dragons escaped. S.H.I.E.L.D. believed that Tony was released by selling arms to the group. Howard reluctantly gave up Tony who fled. Tony snuck into their corporate headquarters and the two argued. Tony then returned to China and his name was cleared.

Tony returned to the company and revealed that he bought up stocks so he controlled the company. He gave control of the company to Howard who then fired the board.


Howard Stark was voiced by John McCook.

The first film version of the character.

The first version of the character to outlive his wife and to survive when his son became Iron Man. Howard Stark of Iron Man: Armored Adventures followed.

In the Comics

He and his wife Maria were killed in a car accident long before Tony made any armor.

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