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Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate SSM.jpg
Real Name Hot Chocolate
Alternate Identity Cocoa
Hot Chocolate is from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Hot chocolate, often simply called cocoa, is a type of drink. As the name suggests, it is a chocolate drink that is served hot. Some times it is served so hot that it can burn a person's mouth.

While at Rockefeller Center Mary Jane Watson asks Peter Parker for some hot chocolate. He went to the snack bar and got two cups. However, on his way back he got bumped by two ice skaters while trying to drink and he spilled the chocolate and burnt his tongue.

After defeating the Sinister Six Peter got two more cups of chocolate and returned to the center. When he arrived Gwen Stacy hugged Peter so hard that he spilled more chocolate on his hands. He claimed that the snack bar ran out and he had to go get more down the street.

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