Real Name Hollywood
Team Affiliations California
Allies Los Angeles
For the The Incredible Hulk episode, see "Hollywood Rocks".

Hollywood is a city in California near Los Angeles.


The city is home to numerous film studios and is where many movies are made.

One of the most iconic features of the city is the Hollywood Sign. It is a large sign spelling the name of the city on a hillside overlooking the city. It is viewable from the entire area.

When Hulk entered the Los Angeles area, he saved a family being terrorized by thieves. Hulk threw the car saving them. He transformed into Bruce Banner and the overpass he was one collapsed losing his memory. Rick Jones and Iron Man came to help him but Bruce transformed into Hulk and fought them. Rick eventually calmed Hulk down enough so he transformed into Bruce.


It's probable that several unspecified episodes of Iron Man took place in Hollywood given Stark Enterprises's proximity.

In the Comics

During World War II, Human Torch stopped a series of arsons at film studios.

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