Ho Yinsen
Ho Yinsen Anime 0001
Real Name Ho Yinsen
Powers and Abilities Iron Man Dio Armor
Team Affiliations Zodiac
Family and Friends Tony Stark
Ho Yinsen is from the Marvel Anime Universe series Marvel Anime: Iron Man.

Ho Yinsen was a doctor who helped Tony Stark on the road to becoming Iron Man.


Physical Therapy
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His early history is unknown.

Yinsen was captured alongside Tony Stark. Yinsen performed a surgery that allowed Tony to live with shrapnel in his heart.

He and Tony tried to escape but he was wounded. Tony believed he had died and left him behind.

However, Yinsen was saved by Zodiac and was manipulated by them. Later, he helped steal the Iron Man Dio Armor from Tony, who had decided to retire.

The two fought several times until Yinsen realized the truth about the Zodiac. He then sacrificed his life to save Tony's.


Ho Yinsen was voiced by Hiroaki Hirata in Japanese and by Kyle Hebert in English.

This version and the one on Iron Man: Armored Adventures are the only versions of the character to survive after Tony becoming a superhero.

First time in animation that he has used his comic book name. On Iron Man, he used Wellington Yinsen and on The Invincible Iron Man he used Ho Yin.

In the Comics

Yinsen did not survive after Tony's escape.

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