Herr Kleiser
Herr Kleiser UA2
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Herr Kleiser
Powers and Abilities Chitauri (Shapeshifting, Healing)
Team Affiliations Chitauri
Allies Nazi
Herr Kleiser is from the Ultimate Avengers Universe.

Herr Kleiser, real name unknown, is a Chitauri infiltrator on Earth. During World War II, he was part of Nazi Germany.


A Chitauri agent disguised as a Nazi, Herr Kleiser was a constant thorn in Captain America’s side throughout World War II. After Captain America stopped his war head, Kleiser vanished with his fellow Chitauri agents, to return at a later date to exact his revenge on Captain America.

Many people have tried to kill Kleiser but he just regenerates his flesh back together. The people who have attempted to kill him are: Captain America and the late T'Chaka the king of Wakanda and the prince, T'Challa both as the Black Panther. T'Chaka the king died when trying to kill Kleiser and save Wakanda from the Chitauri.


Herr Kleiser was voiced by Jim Ward.

First version of the character outside the comics, and currently the only.

In the Comics

There really was a Nazi officer named Kleiser. The Chitauri who took the name absorbed and devoured this man.

He and the other Chitauri spent the years between World War II and Captain America's return secretly influencing human affairs to prepare for the invasion.

His Chitauri infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. to lure the Ultimates, renamed the Avengers for the videos, to Micronesia where he set off a nuclear device to kill them. Iron Man's force field and Thor's teleportation saved them, adapted into the destruction of the ship in the second film, though thousands of S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel were killed.

Soon after, he and the other remaining Chitauri infiltrated the Triskelion, kidnapped Wasp, and took her to Area 51. The Ultimates arrived while Kleiser and Captain America fought. Kleiser was defeated when Captain America told Hulk that he had been "all over Betty" and the green giant ate him.

While Bruce Banner was captured, S.H.I.E.L.D. studied his excretions fearing that Kleiser may have returned.

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