Real Name Heracles
Alternate Identity Hercules
Powers and Abilities Incredible Strength and Durability
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Fantastic Four

Hercules, also known as Heracles, is a superhero and member of the Avengers.


Physical Therapy
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When Ego began damaging Earth, Hercules joined the Avengers and the Fantastic Four in saving the people of New York City.

When Doctor Doom stole the power of the Silver Surfer, Hercules was with Iron Man as the Inhuman Crystal helped the Fantastic Four.

Alternate Version

In the Age of Apocalypse, Hercules is a member of the Avengers who fight the X-Men led by Magneto.


Hercules was unnamed and unvoiced.

In the Comics

Is a rival to Thor and can fight a deadlocked battle with Hulk.

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