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Herbert Landon
Real Name Herbert Landon
Powers and Abilities Deformed Appearance
Formerly: Able to Grow in Size, Energy Blasts, and Electricity Absorption
Team Affiliations Herbert Foundation
Allies Hobgoblin
Alistair Smythe
Family and Friends Hank McCoy

Herbert Landon is a scientist and former head of the Herbert Foundation. He used the foundation in his vendetta against mutants. Following an accident, he was partially mutated and began working with the crime lord Kingpin.


Landon was friends with Dr. Hank McCoy, a mutant and member of the X-Men. McCoy did not want to change and tried to develop a formula to reverse his mutation. He eventually gave up that research. However, Landon used his research to find a way to eradicate mutants.

Hobgoblin discovered what he was doing, he began threatening Landon, forcing Landon to bribe him to keep his mouth shut. After a brawl ensued between Spider-Man, Hobgoblin and Wolverine, Landon was doused in the chemical and was turned into a thirty foot monster capable of absorbing massive amounts of energy and firing deadly blasts. However, he needed such a massive amount of energy that he was in constant agony from hunger, causing him to attack wildly and consume all sources of energy in his path. Spider-Man and the X-Men would stop him, and mostly restore his human form.

After being released from the hospital, Landon, now in a half human, half mutant form, began to work as the Kingpin's assistant, replacing Alistair Smythe. Despite his appearance, he showed no sign of his monster form's energy powers. Landon would help Fisk carry out his evil deeds, focusing on biological instead of mechanical science to further Fisk's goals. He would eventually turned Smythe into the Ultimate Slayer, though Smythe would eventually defeat his brainwashing with the help of Spider-Man, who had discovered that Fisk was still keeping Smythe's father, Spencer Smythe.


Herbert Landon was voiced by David Warner.

Landon's post-mutation appearance strongly resembles the Batman villain Two-Face. His previous friendship to Hank McCoy is similar to Harvey Dent's relationship pre-transformation to Bruce Wayne.

Landon is originally an obscure character who only appeared in the Spider-Man newspaper strips. The two-part debut is a mostly faithful adaptation. The strips were released in March 1994, eight months before Spider-Man premiered.

In the Comics

He did not transform back. Beast then promised to help return Landon to normal.

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