Herald of Galactus
Members Nova
Former Members Silver Surfer

The Herald of Galactus is a powerful servant for the cosmic being known as Galactus. They search the cosmos for worlds suitable for Galactus to feed on. They then call their master and head off to find another.

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The First Herald

Norrin Radd went to Galactus in the hope of sparing his planet of Zenn-La. Galactus agreed and Norrin became the first herald of Galactus, the Silver Surfer. Surfer help cause the destruction of many worlds and many civilizations. Eventually, Thanos and Ego uncovered Norrin's memories. Surfer rebelled against his master to save Earth. Galactus let him keep his powers so others would know who he was. Surfer occasionally helped Galactus and Nova but spent his time searching for his home planet.

The Betrayer

Galactus' next herald was an evil tyrant named Terrax the Tamer. Galactus thought that Terrax would not develop a conscious and betray him as Silver Surfer did. However, Terrax grew greedy and tried to have the Fantastic Four kill his master. Galactus then killed his herald.

The Human

After killing Terrax, Galactus had to feed or else die. He was defeated through the efforts of the Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, and Thor. Frankie Raye felt sorry for him and offered to be his herald. Galactus sensed a special gene, possibly a mutant gene, and turned her into Nova. Nova left Earth, though Human Torch protested, and enjoyed being able to travel the cosmos. She became friends with Silver Surfer, calling him Silverado, and the two shared many adventures. She was with Galactus when Thanos reversed time destroying the universe.


See also Power Cosmic.

Galactus imbues each of his Heralds with the Power Cosmic, granting them a wide range of abilities. They are incredibly strong and durable, being virtually impervious to the dangers of space. Though a cosmic event of sufficient force can harm them. They can manipulate energy. They have the power of flight and can travel at speeds enough for intergalactic travel. Heralds do not need to feed.

They do need to be recharged with the energies of a star.


Other heralds seen in the comics but not the series include the Fallen One (who was retconned into being the first and was introduced much later in the series), Gabriel the Air-Walker, the Destroyer, Morg, Red Shift, and Stardust.

Johnny Storm also served as the Herald of Galactus at one point. Reed Richards had swapped his powers with his wife making him the Invisible Boy. Galactus wanted Invisible Woman, but used Invisible Boy to stop a race of aliens that could turn planets invisible and hide from him.

Morg was going to appear in the cancelled second season of Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer would have to save the Universal Library from Morg and Thiran.

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