Henry Pym, Jr.
Henry Pym Jr NAHT
Real Name Henry Pym, Jr.
Alternate Identity Pym
Powers and Abilities Shrinks and Grows in Size, Shoots energy beams from his hands
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Bruce Banner/Hulk
Family and Friends Giant Man (Father)
Wasp (Mother)
Henry Pym, Jr. is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

Henry Pym, Jr., often called simply Pym, is the son of the Avengers members Giant Man and Wasp.


He is the youngest of the Avengers' children. His parents were killed by Ultron and he was raised by Iron Man along with the other children, save for Francis. Tony built a special suit so that he could technologically mimic his parents' powers. He knew a lot about technology but was a little scatterbrained. He would play tag with Azari. Eventually Ultron attacked their base and the children went to Ultra City. They rescued Tony and fled to the desert to find the Hulk. When Ultron attacked them there, Pym attacked Iron Giant Man and fought the Iron Wasps. He then insulted Bruce Banner so he would transform. After Ultron and the Iron Avengers were defeated, Hulk threatened Pym but was stopped by Betty Ross. Pym and the others returned to Ultra City to stop Ultron's drones.


Henry Pym, Jr. was voiced by Aidan Drummond.

Like the other children, Pym was eventually adapted into the comics.

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