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Henry Peter Gyrich
Henry Peter Gyrich.jpg
Real Name Henry Peter Gyrich
Allies United States Government
Bolivar Trask

Henry Peter Gyrich was associated with the Mutant Control Agency in the United States of America and the creation of the Sentinels.


He was opposed to mutants. He met with the President in the White House where she told him to shut down the Sentinel program. He set up a slave camp on the island nation of Genosha but was stopped by the X-Men Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee working with the time-traveling mutant Cable. Gyrich and Charles Xavier went to an anti-mutant summit to speak. Gyrich spoke out against mutants but Xavier tried to appease the people. Gyrich then pulled out a Sonic Gun trying to kill Xavier. While stopped, he did critically injure Xavier. Gyrich was arrested and removed from the hall.


Henry Peter Gyrich was voiced by Barry Flatman.

When casting the role, the producers had in mind a voice that was terse, business-like, and full of bureaucrat-speak.[1]

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