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[[File:Heinrich.jpg|thumb|Til Death Do Us Part 2]][[File:Heinrich_Zemo.jpg|thumb|In Animated Series]]{{Character
| name = Baron Zemo
| name = Baron Zemo
| image = Heinrich_Zemo.jpg
| image = Heinrich_Zemo.jpg

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Til Death Do Us Part 2

File:Heinrich Zemo.jpg
Baron Zemo
File:Heinrich Zemo.jpg
Real Name Heinrich Zemo
Alternate Identity Baron Zemo
Team Affiliations Nazi
Family and Friends Helmut Zemo (Son)

Baron Heinrich Zemo was a Nazi soldier during World War II and the father of Baron Helmut Zemo.


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Baron Zemo fought on the side of the Nazis in World War II against Captain America.

During a battle, Zemo tried to shoot Captain America, but his shield blinded him and Zemo shot blindly, with a lost shot causing an avalanche that buried him.


Heinrich Zemo was unvoiced.

While most of his costume is Heinrich's, he has a tight cowl like Helmut.

In the comics

He was the original leader of the Masters of Evil.

He died in a similar way to what was later shown in the series.

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