Healing Factor
Logan Infirmary
Real Name Healing Factor
Powers and Abilities Accelerated Healing
Resistance to Disease
Resistance to Foreign Chemicals
Resistance to Extreme Weather Conditions
Slowed Aging

A healing factor is a superpower that grants advanced healing.


A person who has a healing factor can recover from wounds and illnesses at a much faster rate than normal humans. This makes them highly resistant to diseases and foreign chemicals. They are better able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Their aging is slowed and, given just how powerful their healing is, may be seemingly immortal.

Shapeshifters are able to heal when they transform though they do not necessary have a healing factor.

Known Healers


The most famous example of someone with a healing factor is Wolverine. Since his archrival Sabretooth also has a healing factor their battles have ranged for a long time without any clear winner between the two. Cable was able to use Wolverine's healing factor to create antibodies against the Legacy Virus.

Vampires seem to have a healing factor along with their powers. This was passed on to Blade.

Mister Sinister created for himself an unnatural healing factor along with the rest of his powers.

Mystique and Morph can heal due to their abilities to shapeshift.

Those affected by gamma radiation seem to have healing factors, which includes Hulk, She-Hulk, and Abomination.

Dormammu gave Carnage and Venom the ability to heal from wounds along with their shapeshifting abilities.

Spider-Man seems to have a limited healing factor.

Nimrod, a Sentinel from a possible future, is an example of a technological healing factor.


Just like the comics, each person's healing factor changes according to the story. For example, in "Deadly Reunions" Wolverine is beaten by Sabretooth and his wounds continue to "Captive Hearts" but in later episodes he suffers much worse beatings and recovers much more quickly.

In the Comics

Others with healing factor not mentioned in any series include Angel, Arkon, Baron Strucker, Betty Ross, Captain America, Deadpool, Dormammu, Frankenstein's Monster, Gamora, Ghost Rider, Godzilla, Green Goblin, John Jameson, Lizard, Longshot, Maverick, Michael Morbius, Ms. Marvel, Namor, Rick Jones, Rogue, Scorpion, Sentry, Silver Fox, Spider-Woman, Superman, Thanos, Thor, Thunderbird, Toad, Warlock, and Wolfsbane.

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