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Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Havok
Powers and Abilities Shoots Energy Blasts
Team Affiliations X-Factor

Havok is a mutant and a member of X-Factor.


Havok's early life is unknown. He is the brother of Scott Summers. While flying with his brother, mother, and father their plane was attacked by aliens. Their parents gave Scott and Havok parachutes and sent them away. Scott went away to a orphanage. What happened to Havok is not stated.

He grew up and became the superhero Havok and eventually joined X-Factor. At some point Havok met and became involved with fellow X-Factor member Lorna Dane.

Their leader Forge set up a "friendly skirmish" after realizing that Iceman would lead the X-Men to them. Forge wanted to test his team against theirs.

During the battle Havok fought against Cyclops, the alternate identity of Scott. However, during their skirmish they found they could not hurt each other.

After the battle ended Lorna came to him, much to the anger of Iceman. Since it was her choice Iceman let her go.


Havok can fires blasts of energy similar to Cyclops, but through his hands. However, he cannot affect himself nor Cyclops.


Havok's voice actor was not credited. Rumors suggest it was Norm Spencer, the actor who played Cyclops.

It is not stated that Havok is Scott's brother. Though, dialogue between Banshee and Black Tom Cassidy specify that siblings cannot use their powers on each other, which is only hinted at in the fight between Havok and Cyclops.

In the Comics

Havok's real name was Alexander Summers, and he was the brother of Scott Summers. His name and their exact relationship are not mentioned.

He has joined the X-Men as well as Starjammers and Brotherhood of Mutants.

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