Happy Hogan
Happy Hogan (Marvel Superheroes).png
Real Name Harold Hogan
Alternate Identity Happy
Allies Iron Man
Family and Friends Pepper Potts
Mr. Hogan (Grandfather)
Happy Hogan is from the Non MAU series The Marvel Super Heroes.

Happy Hogan is an assistant to Tony Stark. Happy was once transformed into a monster and fought Iron Man.


When Happy was younger he use to be a boxer.

When Tony Stark drove a race car he crashed and the car caught on fire. Happy was nearby and pulled Tony out before the exploded. As thanks for saving his life, Tony gave Happy a job as his chauffeur.

While working for Tony Stark, Happy got a crush on his secretary, Pepper Potts.

Happy was later shot by Titanium Man. Happy then revealed to Iron Man that he knew he was really Tony Stark. Happy then apparently died. However, after Iron Man defeated Titanium Man, Iron Man learned that Happy was still alive and that he was taken to the hospital by Pepper Potts.

When people began to suspect that Tony Stark and Iron Man were the same person, Happy Hogan posed as Iron Man to keep people from learning the truth. However, Mandarin learned that Happy was inside the Iron Man suit and believed that he was the real Iron Man. Mandarin then teleported Happy to his castle in China. However, Happy was later rescued by Iron Man.

Happy was once severely injured in a car crash and had to be rushed to the hospital. However, Happy was kidnapped from his hospital room by the Black Knight. Happy was later rescued by Iron Man and returned to the hospital.

Happy transformed (MSH).png

Iron Man later learned that Happy was scheduled to undergo surgery and that a surgical laser he created called the Enervation Ray was to be used in the surgery. However, Iron Man also knew that the Enervation Ray was still experimental and could be very dangerous. Iron Man tried to get to the hospital before the Enervation Ray could be used on Happy but he was too late. The Enervation Ray was used on Happy and it transformed him into a mindless monster. The now monstrous Happy track down Pepper and kidnapped her. However, Pepper was quickly rescued by Iron Man. Iron Man then lured Happy to his laboratory and used his equipment to transform him back into a normal human.

Eventually, Happy began to feel underappreciated at Stark Enterprises and felt that Iron Man got all the glory. Because of this, Happy quit working for Tony Stark and returned to Ireland which was where his family was from. Iron Man went to Ireland to get Happy to return to America and continue working for Stark Enterprises but failed. Happy later talked to Pepper and she was able to convince him to come back to Stark Enterprises.


Happy Hogan was voiced by Paul Soles.

In the Comics

When Happy was transformed into a monster by the Enervation Ray, he was called "The Freak". This name was not used in The Marvel Super Heroes.

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