Hammerhead SSM.jpg
Alternate Identity Hammerhead
Powers and Abilities Steel-Plated Skull
Allies Tombstone
Norman Osborn
Family and Friends Silver Sable (Ex-Girlfriend)
Hammerhead is a villain from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

The man known only as Hammerhead is a criminal famous for his steel-plated skull. He worked for Tombstone before moving out on his own.


Hammerhead used to work for Silvermane and had a romantic relationship with the crime lord's daughter, Silver Sable. Then he went to work for the "Big Man", better known as Tombstone. Under orders from his employer, organizes the Enforcers to take out Spider-Man since the wallcrawler was interfering with Tombstone's criminal operations. ("Survival of the Fittest")

After the Enforcers failed to complete their task, Hammerhead instructed Montana to steal the Tri-Corp shipment of vibro-shock units and protective suit so that Montana could become Shocker, and finish the job of eradicating Spider-Man. ("Market Forces")

Hammerhead was then the go-between man for Tombstone to Norman Osborn to create the super-villains Sandman and Rhino in order to distract the Web-Slinger. ("Competition" and "The Invisible Hand").

Hammerhead next provides the necessary equipment for the Sinister Six following their breakout from Ryker's Island, along with the means to escape. ("Group Therapy")

Hammerhead was captured by Green Goblin, who attempts to convince him to join his side against Tombstone and the mobster adamantly refuses. Green Goblin then traps Hammerhead in a steel mill, suspended over a vat of molten metal, in the hopes that Spider-Man and Tombstone would team up to rescue him, so as to lure them out and kill them.

Hammerhead acted as Tombstone's representative during a black market auction for the blueprints to make Rhino's armor that would allow anyone to make an army of Rhinos. After losing the auction, Hammerhead and Silver Sable fight over the blueprints and against Spider-Man until Rhino appears wanting to destroy the blueprints so that he can be the only person with the armor. Hammerhead and Silver Sable briefly team up against Spider-Man and Rhino, but the blueprints end up being destroyed. Unbeknownst to all of them, the blueprints they were fighting over were fake and Norman Osborn had the real blueprints all along as well as the money paid for them.

Hammerhead is later agitated that Tombstone kept him out of the loop by getting the Enforcers new suits so that they could attack Spider-Man again. Tombstone claims that he thought Hammerhead had too much on his plate and relays his disappointment over Hammerhead losing the blueprints. After Norman Osborn tells Hammerhead that he sees the qualities of a leader in him, Hammerhead begins to sabotage Tombstone's operations starting with throwing a spike strip in front of the Enforcers' getaway van which blew out their tires and caused them to get arrested.

Hammerhead initiated a summit between Tombstone, Doctor Octopus, and the recently-released Silvermane, in the hopes that they would take each other out leaving him to take control of New York's criminal empire as the new Big Man. When tensions ran high with the each of them beginning to accuse each other of having called the meeting, he knocked Silvermane's attendee unconscious. He then proceeded to throw an automated-assault rifle towards Tombstone, proclaiming that it was his plan to call the summit in order to take out the competition.


Hammerhead is voiced by John DiMaggio. He reprised the role for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

In the Comics

His real name is Joseph, last name unknown.

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