Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Hammerhead
Powers and Abilities Adamantium-Plated Skull
Allies Silvermane
Alisha Silvermane

The man known only as Hammerhead is a criminal based out of New York City known for working with some of the most powerful criminal figures.


At some point in his life, his skull was lined with the unbreakable metal adamantium, giving him a flattop appearance.

Hammerhead began his career working for Silvermane, who was in a battle with Kingpin over the latter's failure to stop the superhero Spider-Man.

Later, Silvermane had Hammerhead steal the Tablet of Time from Dr. Curt Connors in order to restore his body to its physical prime. However, Spider-Man stopped him from accomplishing his mission.

Hammerhead was fired by Silvermane for his failure and he began working for Kingpin. After Tombstone kidnapped Connors and Kingpin's wife Vanessa Fisk, Hammerhead kidnapped Silvermane's daughter Alisha Silvermane. Meanwhile, Alistair Smythe captured the Tablet of Time.

Silvermane arranged a meeting with Kingpin to return all the hostages. When Spider-Man intervened, Hammerhead tried to recapture Alisha but his helicopter went out of control. He was defeated by the webslinger. Kingpin then ordered him to get the Tablet from Silvermane. He got it just before the building was destroyed, so that all thought it had been destroyed.

He gave it to Kingpin, but when his wife left him he was ordered to get rid of it. Hammerhead then sold it to the elderly Adrian Toomes. What happened to him afterwards is unknown.


Hammerhead was voiced by Nicky Blair.

In the Comics

His first name is Joseph, but his last name is unknown.

It is not specified that his skull is lined with adamantium, just that it's an unbreakable metal.

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