Green Goblin
Green Goblin SMAF.jpg
Real Name Norman Osborn
Alternate Identity Green Goblin
Powers and Abilities Super Strength, Goblin Weapons: Pumpkin Bombs, Goblin Glider
Family and Friends Harry Osborn (Son)
Mona Osborn (Niece)
Green Goblin is from the Marvel Productions Universe.

Green Goblin is a personality taken by industrialist Norman Osborn when he's chemically transformed.


Green Goblin once kidnapped his niece Mona Osborn as a test subject to drink a serum that would've turned her into a Goblin creature, but Mona was saved by Spider-Man.


Norman Osborn was voiced by Neil Ross and Green Goblin by Dennis Marks.

In the Comics

Despite being chemically changed, Norman wears a mask as the Green Goblin instead of having green skin.

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