Green Goblin
Green Goblin USM
Real Name Norman Osborn
Alternate Identity Green Goblin
Iron Patriot
Goblin King
Powers and Abilities Transforms into Massive Creature
Iron Patriot Armor
Allies Doctor Octopus
Family and Friends Harry Osborn (Son)
Green Goblin is from the Marvel Animation Universe series Ultimate Spider-Man.

Norman Osborn is an inventor and founder of Oscorp Industries. He is the father of Harry Osborn. He eventually transformed himself into Green Goblin.


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Norman Osborn USM

At some point, Norman became obsessed with Spider-Man. He hired Doctor Octopus to create the symbiote using the hero's DNA.

He hired the Frightful Four to track down Spider-Man, but his son was hurt in the battle when the Four came to his high school.

Harry later tried to impress Norman by using the symbiote to become the second Spider-Man. However, Norman brushed him off forcing Harry to become Venom.


Norman Osborn is voiced by Steven Weber.

First version of the character to use the Ultimate version's use of transforming into the Green Goblin creature. Though the Green Goblin of Spider-Man and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends had Norman similarly transform, this came long before the Ultimate comics.

In the Comics

Is Spider-Man's greatest enemy.

Never had anything to do with the creation of any symbiote.

He pushes his son very hard, often coming across as cruel.


Following an explosion, Norman became exposed to a chemical that turned him into Green Goblin. He wore a costume and flew around on a small flying wing. He initially wanted to become New York City's reigning crimelord before trying to kill Spider-Man.

For his career as the Green Goblin, Norman created his own Halloween themed weapons rather than stealing from shield.

Was apparently killed by his own glider while trying to kill Spider-Man. However, he didn't really die and came back years later.

During his presumed death, Harry found out about his father's activities and became the second Green Goblin.

At one point, was appointed the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and used a variant Iron Man armor to become Iron Patriot.


Killed his son who had become Hobgoblin.

He and Spider-Man seemingly died in battle with each other. He came back to fight Miles Morales and the still alive Peter, revealing that the formula that gave them all powers essentially makes them immortal.

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