Green Goblin
Green Goblin Counter-Earth
Real Name Hector Jones
Alternate Identity Green Goblin
Powers and Abilities Goblin-Like Appearance
Allies Spider-Man

Hector Jones, also known as Green Goblin, is a hero on Counter-Earth.


Green Goblin initially mistakes Spider-Man for the person responsible for the kidnapping of Naoko Yamada-Jones and her son Shane. However, Spider-Man convinces him otherwise and the two unlikely allies go after the true villains; Venom and Carnage. Even after Naoko and Shane are rescued, Spider-Man and the Goblin continue to question each other's motives.

It is greatly implied that the Goblin is actually Naoko's ex-husband Hector, and ego Shane’s father. Before his disappearance Hector Jones became increasingly sympathetic to the resistance. He was also a highly skilled inventor, capable of creating the Goblin's gear. It is likely he is protecting his family by going into exile - keeping them separate from his life as a vigilante/rebel.

He eventually grows concerned with Peter Parker living with Naoko and Shane, and attacked him. He placed cameras in the basement and later discovered Peter Parker and Spider-Man were one and the same! The two are both taken prisoner by a group of beastials called 'the Rejects' (because the High Evolutionary literally rejected them from society), and pretend to aid them as a means of escape. During the escape the Goblin is believed killed in an explosion.

It was later revealed that this wasn’t true, and he returned to help Spider-Man and the rebels battle The High Evolutionary one last time.


Green Goblin was voiced by Rino Romano.

Hector Jones is original to the series and this version of Green Goblin has no particular inspiration from the comics.

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