Gorgon (MSH)
Alternate Identity Gorgon
Powers and Abilities Super Intelligence
Allies Igor
Soviet Union
Gorgon is from the Non MAU series, The Marvel Super Heroes.

Gorgon was a brilliant scientist that worked for the Soviet Union.


Not much is known about the Gorgon's early life. Gorgon was a scientist for the Soviet Union. He was exposed to radiation which turned him into hideous monster. However, the radiation also increased his intelligence. With his newfound power, Gorgon rose through the ranks of the Soviet Union and became known as the most feared man in Asia.

A Soviet agent named Igor attempted to steal Bruce Banner's gamma ray formula but was stopped by the Hulk and was arrested by the military. While in prison, Igor used a hidden communication device to send a message to the Soviet Union telling them about the Hulk. The message was eventually given to Gorgan who then learned about the Hulk.

Gorgon then traveled to America and captured the Hulk and brought him back to Russia. During this time Hulk transformed back into Bruce Banner and Gorgon learned that Hulk and Bruce Banner were the same person. Gorgon then broke down in tears and told Banner that he wished he could be normal again. Bruce was able to use the equipment in Gorgon's laboratory to turn him back into a normal human.

Knowing that an American saved him, Gorgon rejected Nikita Khrushchev, the leader of the Soviet Union. Gorgon then allowed Bruce Banner and Rick Jones take his rocket and fly back to America. When the Soviet soldiers attempted to arrest Gorgon, he caused an explosion at his laboratory that killed himself and the soldiers.


This is the first version of Gorgon outside the comics.

In the comics he is called the Gargoyle. It is unknown why his name was changed to Gorgon in The Marvel Super Heroes.

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