Goblin Wing
Goblin Wing
Real Name Goblin Wing
Powers and Abilities Flight
Razor Bat
Pumpkin Bomb
Smart Bombs
Team Affiliations Oscorp Industries
Allies Goblin Glider
Family and Friends Norman Osborn (Designer)
Green Goblin
Harry Osborn

The Goblin Wing is a large flying device used as the most of transportation of Hobgoblin and Green Goblin. It is a larger, more powerful version of the Goblin Glider.


It could fly twice as high and four times as fast as the other glider. This contained more powerful weaponry and could fly faster. Spider-Man described it as having more arsenal than some countries. The wing could be controlled by having the glider dock with it or remotely.


The wing was designed for Hobgoblin by Norman Osborn after the supervillain failed to assassinate Kingpin.

Other wings were kept in Oscorp Industries. When an accident turned Norman into Green Goblin he used another wing.

At one point, Green Goblin fought Hobgoblin with each using their own gliders and wings. Though evenly matched, Green Goblin used Norman's memories and enhanced abilities to overcome the other.

When Harry Osborn became the second Green Goblin he used another wing.

Harry used his wing to attack the wedding of Peter and Mary Jane Watson, but was defeated.


The Goblin Wing is original to the series.

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