Goblin Glider
Hobgoblin Glider
Real Name Goblin Glider
Powers and Abilities Flight
Razor Bat
Pumpkin Bomb
Team Affiliations Oscorp Industries
Allies Goblin Wing
Family and Friends Norman Osborn (Designer)
Green Goblin
Harry Osborn
Peter Parker

The Goblin Glider is a small flying device used as the most of transportation of Hobgoblin and Green Goblin.


The glider allows either goblin flight at high speeds. The glider also contains his various other weapons. He controls the glider with controls operated by his feet. He also has a remote that can control the glider from a distance, as well as returning it to him. The glider also has lasers in its "eyes" that can burn holes in glass. This glider is relatively light and can be easily picked up by him.


The glider was designed for Hobgoblin by Norman Osborn. He wanted Hobgoblin to assassinate Wilson Fisk. Hobgoblin failed then betrayed Norman to side with Fisk, who was the Kingpin of crime, after taking the Goblin Wing.

Other gliders were kept in Oscorp Industries. When an accident turned Norman into Green Goblin he used another glider.

At one point, Green Goblin fought Hobgoblin with each using their own gliders and wings. Though evenly matched, Green Goblin used Norman's memories and enhanced abilities to overcome the other.

When Harry Osborn became the second Green Goblin he used another glider.

Peter Parker was investigating Green Goblin's hideouts when he was trapped by Punisher who thought he was the goblin. Peter used a glider to escape.

Harry used his glider to attack the wedding of Peter and Mary Jane Watson, but was defeated.

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