Glory Grant
Glory Grant
Real Name Glory Grant
Team Affiliations The Daily Bugle
Family and Friends J. Jonah Jameson
Joseph Robertson
Peter Parker
Ned Leeds

Glory Grant is a secretary at The Daily Bugle.


Glory was hired by editor-in-chief J. Jonah Jameson and works with assistant editor Joseph Robertson, photographer Peter Parker, and reporter Ned Leeds. She is Jameson's secretary and is often putting up with his issues, such as his hatred of the superhero Spider-Man.


Glory was voiced by Nell Carter.

The first animated version of the character and currently the only one who works for the Bugle.

Had the series gone on Glory would have been joined by Betty Brant, who in the comics was Jameson's original secretary and love interest to Peter. Betty would have been Robbie's assistant and shown feelings for Peter. A character model was created for the series but remained unused.

In the Comics

Was Peter's neighbor before becoming a secretary.

Dated Randy Robertson.

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