Gladiators PH
Former Members Hulk
Laven Skee
Beta Ray Bill
Various Kronans
Various Sakaar Natives
Various Aliens
Physical Therapy
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Gladiators were armed slaves forced to fight each other for the amusement of the people of Sakaar. Red King used them to entertain those loyal to him, and punish his opposition, such as Hiroim and Elloe. He also enslaved the insect-like natives seeing them as inferior, such as Miek. They would also enslave any and all aliens that came to the planet such as Korg, Hulk, and Beta Ray Bill. Primus Vand oversaw the gladiators' battles and housing in the colosseum. Many died in the games such as Laven Skee, Android, Margus, several Kronan, and many natives. Should any one or group of gladiator become too successful Red King and Vand would have them fight very powerful foes such as the Great Devil Corker, Wildebot, Eggbreaker, and even the alien Beta Ray Bill. At the end of three fights the gladiator was promised their freedom, though the fights were designed to simply kill them first. Should any person or group win, Red King would present them with a deal they would not make, such as killing a close friend or teammate. If they refused they would return to being a gladiator or killed immediately.

During the gladiator games, Hiroim realized that Hulk was fulfilling the prophecy of the Sakaarson. Hulk's victories proved popular with the populace, but disastrous for Red King. After Hulk beat Beta Ray Bill, Bill used Stormbreaker to free all the slaves. Hulk and the Warbound caused the death of Red King and the games ended forever.

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