Ghost Rider
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Ghost Rider
Powers and Abilities Ghost Fire, Penance Stare, Chain Whip, Fireballs, Greatly Enhanced Strength and Durability
Allies Rick Jones
Betty Ross
Doc Samson
Fantastic Four

Ghost Rider is a mysterious man who uses supernatural powers to fight those who hurt the innocent.


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Early Life

The early life of the man who would become Ghost Rider is unknown, nor about how he became the Ghost Rider. At some point he was endowed with supernatural powers which he used to protect and avenge the innocent.

He calls the power the Ghost Flame. The powers are possibly related to the Christianity mythology since he leaves behind a trail of brimstone, usually referred to as sulfur.

He rides a motorcycle and wears black leather. When he transforms he is able to form large spikes on his shoulders and forearms in addition to engulfing his body and cycle in flames. The Ghost Flames also make his cycle incredibly fast speeds.

Due to his supernatural strength and endurance, he does not need a helmet. Though he does where one while in his human form.

In order to transform, he needs only put his hand on a small pendant, which he installed into his cycle. The transformation starts with his hand then the flames engulf his entire body. He appears as merely a skeleton surrounded by flames.

He also uses a large chain that he uses like a whip. He is able to call upon this whip through the Ghost Flames. He can wrap people with it and it is also supernaturally strong.

A side effect of his abilities is heating up the area nearby. Though not always noticed by humans, it can cause problems with gas and water pipes.

Whether because of his supernatural powers or his own sense of justice, Ghost Rider is drawn to any place where an innocent person suffers. He decided to dedicate his life to stopping injustice wherever it occurred. He uses his Penance Stare to make people feel guilty for all the pain they suffer.

He does not shave often and has an unkempt look.

At some point he encountered the mutant Gambit in some way. The X-Men saw a brief glimpse of this encounter through Cerebro when they were trying to retrieve memories of Henry Peter Gyrich after Robert Kelly was kidnapped by Sentinels. Gambit made no mention of this encounter so it is unknown what happened exactly.

New Mission

At some point, Ghost Rider was drawn to a small town outside of Chicago.

When he arrived he rode to the top of a hill near a cemetery where he saw the town in ruin. Firefighters were hosing down the blazes that had destroyed numerous buildings. He found that much innocent blood had been spilled.

He saw Rick Jones on his own motorcycle riding up to one of the firemen. Ghost Rider overheard the firefighter telling the other cyclist to move on since there was nothing left for anyone. When Rick asked what had happened, the firefighter explained that the Hulk destroyed their down. Rick then left.

Realizing that he need to make this Hulk creature suffer for what the beast had done, Ghost Rider set off on a new mission of vengeance.

He touched the Ghost Flame pendant and transformed. He raced down the road towards Chicago, where he believed the creature to have gone.

While driving over a bridge, he passed Rick causing the boy to fall off. Knowing that he could not allow the innocent person to be harmed, Ghost Rider whipped out his chain and caught the boy before he hit the bottom.

He pulled Rick back onto the bridge and he was shocked to see the flaming skeleton. He told Rick that his mission was not with him but with a savage destroyer. He whipped the chain around, turned the bike around, and sped off.

Ghost Rider rode around the city near Lake Michigan. Since he was in his Ghost Rider form, he unknowingly caused a kitchen in a Soup Kitchen to explode.

He heard the explosion then a woman scream while on an overpass. He stopped his bike to listen. He saw the flames of the soup kitchen and believed that Hulk was hurting more people.

Green Giant

He sped off doing a wheelie off the overpass. He rode over to the kitchen and burst through the side dropping down in front of Hulk, an enormous green giant. He saw that the beast was approaching an elderly nun trapped under debris.

Ghost Rider told the creature that his reign of terror was over. He shot fire from his hand knocking Hulk out of the building.

He grabbed the nun from the burning building and drover her out. He saw Hulk trying to stand again so he blasted him back over a building.

He set the nun down but as she awoke she was scared of his appearance. He transformed back to his normal human self and comforted her by saying that the monster was gone. He then stated that the Hulk's day of judgement had finally come.

He drove off to hunt the beast down. While later explaining the situation to a police officer, the nun explained how she wondered why the fire did not hurt him.

While riding through the city, he saw numerous helicopters flying over the city. He realized they were searching for the Hulk so he transformed.

Eventually he came across a police barricade blocking off a large portion of the city. He saw that Rick had run the barricade by going over it from a nearby building.

Rather than go through the same effort, he simply did a wheelie and jumped over the police cars and into the blocked off area.

Grey Area

Ghost Rider tracked Hulk to a city dump. He said to himself that Hulk would know vengeance.

At that point, Rick drove up and blocked his path. He told Ghost Rider to stop hunting his friend. Not understanding their relationship, he warned the boy not to interfere.

Planet Eater

Some time later, Ghost Rider learned that Galactus was in New York City with his Herald Terrax. Ghost Rider sped there and found the planet eater battling the Fantastic Four, the God of Thunder Thor, and a woman named Frankie Raye.

He saw that Galactus had defeated Thor and though he was weakened, the Fantastic Four were no match for him. Ghost Rider announced his presence and road up on his cycle. Thing wondered why so many other superheroes were on fire.

He introduced himself and explained to Galactus that he comes to wherever innocent blood is shed. He points out that Galactus has shed much innocent blood.

Human Torch realized that the Ghost Rider was real, having thought him merely a myth. Thing wondered why so many superheroes appeared in the same place at the same time.

Ghost Rider drove up to Galactus and stopped before him. He asked the giant if he was ready to face the agony of those the planet eater had killed.

Galactus did not know whether he was a mortal or demon and ordered him away. He claimed to have no time for his games. Ghost Rider stated that he wasn't playing any games.

He then used his Penance Stare on Galactus. Ghost Rider made him feel the torment of a billion billion souls that he destroyed. Galactus was forced to experience the pain of eternal guilt.

Galactus then saw a vision of each and every creature he had ever caused the death of. The sensation overwhelmed Galactus and he fall backwards onto the ground, defeated.

Frankie began to sob into Johnny's chest, feeling sorry for the planet eater.

Ghost Rider announced to Galactus and the other heroes that his task was complete. He stated that the planet eater's fate was in mortal hands.

He turned his bike and sped away.

After he left, Thor recharged Galactus and Frankie became his newest herald called Nova. Galactus left the planet promising never to threaten it again.

Powers and Abilities



Ghost Rider was voiced by Richard Grieco in both of his speaking appearances. His appearance in X-Men was a "blink and you miss it" cameo.

Ghost Rider is never named in either series. However, his design is based on the Daniel Ketch version who was the Ghost Rider character in the comics at the time.

"Innocent Blood" was intended as a backdoor pilot for a Ghost Rider spin-off. Obviously a Ghost Rider series was not picked up.

Ghost Rider was planned to appear in a subsequent episode of Spider-Man that was never made. In the proposed episode, Mysterio would have found the Time Dilation Accelerator and used it to rob banks. During his travels he would have encountered Dormammu and the two would have teamed up. Ghost Rider would have appeared and together with Spider-Man would have stopped Mysterio and Dormammu. However, Ghost Rider would be unavailable due to his appearance on a UPN series. And Mysterio supposedly died in the fifth season episode "The Haunting Of Mary Jane".

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