Ghost Flame
Ghost Flames.jpg
Real Name Ghost Flames
Powers and Abilities Gives Ghost Rider enhanced strength and durability, creates Chain Whip, Provides Penance Stare, Generates Fireballs, Alters Motorcycle, Does not those who are Pure of Heart
Allies Ghost Rider
Rick Jones
Family and Friends Penance Stare
Chain Whip

The Ghost Flames are the source of power for the superhero Ghost Rider. It seems to originate itself in the sigil the man has embedded in his motorcycle.

The flames provide him with all of his powers including enhanced strength and durability. With it, he can create fireballs, his Chain Whip, and use the Penance Stare.

The Ghost Flames alter his body so he appears to be merely a skeleton surrounded by fire. It also alters his motorcycle so that the wheels are fire. This causes the cycle to travel at incredible speeds and even repair itself.

It also does not affect those who are pure of heart.

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In the comics, it is named Hellfire. It was likely changed for censorship issues much like the Insidious Six and Inner Circle, which was called the Hellfire Club.

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