Alternate Identity Ghost
Powers and Abilities Phasing
Allies Justin Hammer
You may be looking for Ghost Rider.

Ghost is a master thief.


Little is known about the history of Ghost.

At some point he stole technology from Stark Enterprises for Justin Hammer. Hammer then sold the technology to the highest bidders. This resulted in the Armor Wars, though Iron Man did not go after him.


Ghost was voiced by Jennifer Hale, Jamie Horton, and Tom Kane who voiced him simultaneously.

In the Comics

He has no known origin or name. He eventually claimed he was a programmer whose lover was killed by the company he worked for. When they came after him he killed his employers. He took the name Ghost, became a myth, and became an anti-capitalist.

He is a corporate saboteur who hates the idea of a corporate-run government.

He was defeated and apparently killed before the Armor Wars began. Armor Wars was to clean up his actions.

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