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Not to be confused with G. W. Bridge.

The George Washington Bridge is a bridge spanning the Hudson River in New York City. It was named after the first President of the United States of America.

There was a movie filming on the bridge Quentin Beck used too much explosives and caused the apparent death of Miranda Wilson. Spider-Man arrived and captured Beck.

Norman Osborn ran away from three Spider Slayers that had attacked him but they caught up with him at the bridge. Spider-Man saved him and blew them up with a bomb that he had.

When John Jamesons shuttle was attacked by the Venom Symbiote, it crashed on the bridge. Spider-Man arrived and saved the crew, but was attacked by Rhino. The shuttle then crashed into the Hudson River with Spider-Man in it. Though he swam safely to shore, the symbiote attached itself to him.

Green Goblin used the Time-Dilation Portal device to kidnap Mary Jane Watson and take her to the bridge. Spider-Man arrived but she fell into a portal and he thought she died. Green Goblin then disappeared in another portal. He then ordered Madame Web to leave him alone and she returned him to the bridge.

When Mary Jane's clone escaped Miles Warren she first appeared under the bridge.

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