Genosha (Yost Universe)
Real Name Genosha
Team Affiliations Acolytes
Genosha is from the Non MAU series Wolverine and the X-Men.

Genosha is an island nation. Magneto rules the land to ensure that it's a safe haven for mutants.


Professor Charles Xavier suddenly appeared on the island. The X-Men realized he was there and got him from Magneto. Nightcrawler then found that Magneto was imprisoning those who opposed him. Robert Kelly sent a squadron of Sentinels to attack the nation but Magneto stopped them. The Stepford Cuckoos tried to destroy the nation with the Phoenix Force but Emma Frost stopped them. Scarlet Witch and Polaris then banished their father and brother Quicksilver from the island forever.

Alternate Future

In the Days of Future Past future Emma Frost did not stop the Stepford Cuckoos and they used the Phoenix Force to destroy the island. Magneto died but Polaris live and ruled over the ruins alone. Xavier and his X-Men went there and asked for her help. This future was eliminated when Emma succeeded in stopping the Cuckoos and Genosha was saved.

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