Galactus (SHSS)
Real Name Galactus
Powers and Abilities Power Cosmic
Allies Herald of Galactus
Galactus is from the Non MAU series The Super Hero Squad Show.

Galactus is an enormously powerful being who devours entire worlds.


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Galactus has several Heralds to search the universe for planets to devour.

After going to Earth, Stardust was captured by Doctor Doom who brought him to Galactus. Doom wanted to make a deal, he would let Galactus consume Earth in exchange for some of the Power Cosmic to find the Infinity Fractals.

Galactus did not care about his search and blasted the human back to his planet.

Galactus went to Earth's moon but wondered why his Heralds failed to prepare the planet for his consumption. The Heralds blamed the Silver Surfer.

Somehow, his Heralds were convinced not to allow Galactus to consume Earth. In return for their disobedience, he blasted them far from him.

He landed on the planet and converted a large aircraft into the Destructo-Pump. The various inhabitants tried to stop him, but Galactus easily defeated them. They tried to destroy his Destructo-Pump but he again stopped them.

More Earthlings appeared with a weapon called the Infinity Sword. They used the sword against him but he was unaffected. Galactus told the humans that it only worked when used with the Infinity Gauntlet.

Silver Surfer appeared and offered to become his herald again if he spared Earth. Galactus agreed and Silver Surfer left the planet with the sword.

Later, Galactus targeted the homeworld of the Skrull when Earthlings came to help. The Earthlings distracted him with food-shaped planets. Silver Surfer appeared then directed him to another planet where beings did not live.

When the Silver Surfer became Dark Surfer, he used the Infinity Sword and Infinity Gauntlet to erase part of the universe along with Galactus.


Galactus was voiced by George Takei.

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