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Fury Force
Fury Force.png
Digital rendering based on Larry Hama's original sketch design for the Fury Force logo
Beginning date 1980s
Producers Larry Hama

Fury Force was a planned but ultimately unproduced television series. The early concept for Fury Force eventually evolved into what would become G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.


In 1981, Larry Hama was working on a new pitch for Marvel Comics. Nick Fury, Jr., son of the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., was the leader of a top-secret seven-member, elite strike force who had a headquarters in sub-basements below the Chaplain's quarters. At some point, he had told Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter what he was working on, but it was not yet ready for publication and no assets had been committed to it.

After securing the license from Hasbro, Shooter talked to Hama about working on G.I. Joe and they agreed many of the ideas from Fury Force could be adapted to G.I. Joe.

In an interview at, Hama said:

"There were a lot of holdovers from the Fury Force concept that I had been developing for Marvel at the time. The whole idea of a secret base under a motor pool, for instance. I even had a "Snake-Eyes" type character, who didn't speak, had his face covered with a cowl and was a mysterious assassin type. He carried a pump shotgun and a commando knife in his boot and was actually inspired by the Pahoo-Ka-Wah (Wolf Who Stands in Water) character in the old 'Yancy Derringer' TV show."

Action Figures

In 2009, used the original character design and basic biographies to flesh out the characters, and sell custom figures, a motorcycle, and a Fury Force patch signed by Larry Hama, at a charity auction.

Team Members

  • Nick Fury, Jr.: The son of a World War II French Resistance fighter and Nick Fury, Sr. who is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Leader of the Fury Force. Precursor to General Hawk.
  • Brujo: Mexican-American communications wizard.
  • Jelly: Precursor to Stalker and Short-Fuze.
  • Louie Louie: Asian-Hawaiian ordinance and logistics expert. Possible precursor to Tunnel Rat.
  • Shadow: Real Name: Lila Galil. Lone female. Intelligence specialist. Forerunner to Scarlett.
  • Spook: Vietnam vet Spook, who'd been burned and wore bandages, was the precursor to Snake-Eyes.
  • Steeler: Heavy weapons expert. Precursor to Rock 'n Roll and Steeler.

Concept Art

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