Frost Giant
Frost Giant TTA.jpg
Real Name Frost Giant
Alternate Identity Jotun
Powers and Abilities Enormous size, Generate ice
Allies Loki
Family and Friends Ymir
Frost Giant is from the Christopher Yost Animated Universe.
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Frost Giants are a race of beings from Jotunheim. They had a war with the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim. The elves used Surtur to attack them but he was defeated by Odin. The Jotuns then used glacier to strip their land of all life and kill nearly all the elves. Thor used Elderstahl to kill two sentries at their northern gate. Thrym then attacked Asgard but Thor gave the sword to them. They were used by Loki to attack Asgard but were defeated by Thor. When Loki and Amora lost control of the Hulk, Loki asked the Frost Giants to help the Asgardians protect Odin during his Odinsleep. However, the green brute quickly defeated them.


In the comics, Loki is a small Frost Giant. This has yet to be firmly established in the continuity.

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