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Friends of Humanity
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Members Unknown Others
Former Members Graydon Creed Jr.

The Friends of Humanity, abbreviated to simply FoH, are an anti-mutant hate group.

They seeked to destroy all mutants and anyone associated with them believing them to be a danger to society, but they themselves with their brutish insane methods proved to be the real danger.


The group was formed by Graydon Creed Jr.. They were followers of anti-mutant politician Robert Kelly. However, after he was saved by the mutant group X-Men from Master Mold he switched sides becoming pro-mutant. Feeling betrayed, they attacked his inauguration disguised as mutants so they would take the blame then initiated a country-wide attack on mutants and mutant supporters. Eventually the group began falling apart after they learned Graydon was the son of mutants Sabretooth and Mystique, brother to Nightcrawler, and adopted brother to Rogue.


The first, and currently only, version of the group outside the comics.

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