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Frankenstein's Monster
Frankenstein Monster MOF.jpg
Real Name Frankenstein's Monster
Alternate Identity Franken
Giant of Geneva
Powers and Abilities Extreme Strength and Durability
Family and Friends Grandfather Frankenstein (Designer)
Victor Frankenstein (Creator)
Zuckel (Co-Creator)
Emily Frankenstein
Frankenstein's Monster is from the Non MAU video The Monster of Frankenstein.

Frankenstein's Monster was a creature created by Doctor Victor Frankenstein out of dead bodies. He was the result of years of work and his actions resulted in the deaths of many people. He used the nickname Franken but was afterwards known as the Giant of Geneva.



The man behind it all

The original theory of constructing a person out of several other dead people originally came from Victor Frankenstein's father. Grandfather Frankenstein was a professor at a university. If the theory worked as planned, it could make a person virtually immortal as well immune to disease and harm.

Grandfather told his son, Victor, of his theories but by then had abandoned them. He felt they were blasphemous and against the will of God. However, Victor was intrigued by them and wanted to perform them himself. He felt that this would allow people to no longer fear death.

The man who made it happen

Victor tried to convince his father that the world should know of his work. Grandfather tried to tell him that creating life was different than reanimating the dead. The son claimed that moral discussions were meaningless in the pursuit of science.

Rift between father and son

The father retorted that morality was a greater concern to scientists than anyone else. He also claimed that morality held civilization together and needed to be guarded by those would could most easily abuse it. Victor claimed that nothing would stop him and promised that the world would recognize his father's brilliance.

The argument started a rift between the two. Eventually father and son stopped talking and visiting each other.


Victor decided to go ahead with the experiment despite his father's protests. He recruited an assistant named Zuckel. They went away from the Lake Geneva area to a remote location where none would know about their actions.


The monster was created somewhere near Geneva in an old abandoned castle. There was a cemetery nearby, and presumably the two used it to gather pieces of the monster. They would also kill animals like steers to get the pieces they need. They used drills, saws, and axes to complete their person.

Though he did not realize it at the time, the process of making the body was deeply unnerving Victor, and he would be unable to forget the memories of what he did.

The two made their creature into an enormous sized person. The exact reason is unknown, but it may have been easier to work on him this way. They also chained the monster down to the table where they made it.

The power of creation

The lab were he was constructed was placed in the top of a tower in the castle. The pieces of flesh were put together and the corpse was wrapped in bandages. They gathered the latest electrical equipment to perform the necessary processes and monitor the reanimation using a generator to power them.

Victor kept a poster of the Vitruvian Man with several other human drawings as a reference to the human body.

The power of the elements

In order to reanimate the body, they needed the power of lightning to create life. They put bolts on each side of his neck to deliver the electricity straight into his massive body.


With the body constructed, Victor and Zuckel decided it was time to give life to their creation. As a storm approached, the two hurried to finish the body among the blood-covered room.

Ready for life

In the lab, Victor walked up to the body while Zuckel stood nearby. Victor stated that all their creation needed was the spark of life, and patted the corpse on the head.

Victor told Zuckel that they needed the power right away. Zuckel began to object, but was cut off. Victor explained that they were doing something scientists have only dreamed of.

Zuckel asked if Victor had considered the moral implications of this act. In response, Victor grabbed him by the collar telling him that there was no time for more moralizing speeches.

He pushed the assistant back ordering him to continue. Zuckel fell against a control board. He reminded Victor that this was his decision before pushing one of the levers up.

Sparks began to fly over the body as Victor leaned over. A light bulb and other coils began to glow red.

Victor looked over to Zuckel telling him that they needed more power. Zuckel pushed up another lever adding more energy to the experimentation.

Given the spark of creation

More light bulbs and coils began to glow. Wires between the coils began glowing with heat as well. Bolts embedded in the walls started to smoke.

Victor demanded more power immediately. However, Zuckel warned that the lab could blow up. He reluctantly pushed up a third lever.

More wires began glowing red as the heat electricity was poured into the body. The bolts in the body began glowing as well with heat. The body began shaking as it came to life.

Victor looked on growing excited as the body showed signs of life. The body's fingers began to move on their own making Victor excited. Victor called the body his child, and said that he gave it life.

It's alive!

Suddenly, the monster opened his eyes and looked over at its creator.

However, sparks began to fly across the machines causing the light bulbs to explode. Zuckel screamed and warned Victor.

The monster's creator looked over to see fire race across the wall bolts as the machinery went out. He asked what happened. Zuckel replied that the generator must have been destroyed. Victor wondered why it happened at that moment.

Just then a bolt of lightning struck the castle. The storm's power charged the machine with electricity entering the body.

Another bolt struck the castle blasting a hole in the roof of the turret. The bolt caused equipment to explode.

Victor and Zuckel were thrown back by the blast. Debris rained down on the smoke-filled room and the two men fell unconscious.


The creature rises

The monster let out a groan as it lifted its massive hand breaking the chain holding it down. Victor woke and looked towards the body. The monster continued groaning as he sat up breaking the chain holding down its chest.

As the creature sat up, Victor watched in shock while he broke all the chains holding his legs. He set his feet on the ground and Victor called him his child.

Looking for answers

Victor shook Zuckel to wake him. When the assistant regained consciousness, Victor pointed to the creature informing him that they did it. Zuckel looked up at the massive creature.

Lightning struck outside and the two clearly saw the enormous monster they created for the first time in his life. As the light dimmed, only his silhouette remained.

The monster leaned in close to the assistant, but Zuckel was shocked to see his eyes.

Pain and suffering

Lightning struck again and this time it hit the monster directly. He screamed in pain as more electricity coursed through his body. He withstood the power of the lightning, but the energy caused his bandages to burst into flames. He screamed out in terrible pain.

The flames died down, but the monster was still smoking. Victor stood to go to his creation.

The monster turned showing that his bandages had burned off his upper body showing his dark grey skin. He walked towards his creator. His massive steps caused the floor to shake.

The face of horror

Victor backed up into the door in horror, wondering if he created a monster. The monster tried to speak, but it only came out as a roar.

Zuckel backed out the door into the hall and Victor followed. The creator closed the door and bolted it shut.

Already destroying things

Wanting to be with his master, the monster simply walked through the door tearing it apart. However, he was too large to fit through the door so he crouched down to get through. This ended up breaking apart the brick doorway.

The two ran down the stairs. The monster growled as they left. He stomped down the stairs after them.

Making his own door

The monster was unable to find a way out, but heard his "father" and the assistant outside. He then smashed through the stone wall to get out.

He growled as he broke his way through to escape. He wandered out into the terrible storm where rain pounded the ground. The two men screamed as he approached.

The monster followed as they approached a cliff. Zuckel claimed that the monster was going to kill them.

Victor told his assistant that they had to destroy them and that he needed Zuckel's help, though he tried to refuse. Victor gave him a pistol out of his bag saying that they could not let the monster destroy his research and his life's career.

Seeking his creator

Victor grabbed his back and ran away. The monster caught up to the assistant as Zuckel tried to get him to wait and went to follow. The monster got between his father and the assistant.

Zuckel cried out and the monster saw his creator. He moved to follow him. The other man aimed the pistol and fired at the monster but missed.

Seeing the face of the enemy

He stopped and turned towards his attacker while lightning struck behind him. He growled in anger and headed towards Zuckel.

As he got close, Zuckel told him to get back and continued to back up. He reached the edge of the cliff and looked down at the chasm.

The monster screamed as he neared the man. Zuckel raised the gun and fired at his head. This shot grazed his cheek.

He can be hurt

He moved forward and grabbed Zuckel by the arm. The man cried out as he was lifted into the air, begging to be let go.

The monster put his massive hand on the man's head as he looked up. He began squeezing the head. Blood began pouring down the man's body and he screamed.

Like a ragdoll

The monster then tossed him aside.

Zuckel landed in the mud and rolled over, now missing an eye. He raised his gun again and fired once more.

The monster backed up from the bullets. However, he stepped on a loose rock that crumbled off the cliff.

Gone for the moment

The monster lost his balance and fell into the forest below screaming.


The monster survived his fall somehow.

He found his way to some kind of civilization and located clothing that fit him. However, these were tattered and looked like rags.

Eventually he made his way to the Lake Geneva. It is unknown whether he knew this was where Victor was from or if it was just a coincidence.

At some point along his journey, the monster came across a lone peddler along a road. The man had food and the monster was hungry. He murdered the man, either by choice or accident, and tore open the man's bag to get the food inside. The monster also ate part of the man for his meat. What food he did not eat he trampled as he left.

He did not seem to care that he left his massive footsteps in the dirt.

Coming to his family home

He walked alone and eventually made it to a ridge overlooking the city by the lake. He stomped onto the ridge and stopped to check out the view.

He then walked down and headed towards the city.

That night, the monster was wandering through some high grass when a young boy and girl walked by. He crouched down and hid.

The girl, who was the daughter of his creator named Emily, and the boy, Philip, walked by. Philip carried a dog named Lucky by.

Watching from afar

After the two went by, the monster moved apart the grass to see them better. He watched them walk away.


The monster stayed hidden for the night, unseen by anyone.

The next day, he grew hungry once again. He found a farm surrounded by hay that was north of town. A family was eating a small feast. He approached and tried to speak but only made grunting noises.

The family turn and upon seeing him screamed in terror. They huddled together and the father told them to run.


With no one in his way, the monster grabbed the bread, apple, and a wheel of cheese from the now abandoned table. He ate the food and left.

Following that incident, the monster was seen my several other people in various instances.

At one point, the monster grew hungry and came across a farm raising chickens. He entered the chicken coop and began killing and eating the birds. He had eaten almost a dozen when the farmer yelled at him from outside.

No thought of ownership

The farmer entered the coop and found the monster crouched over the meat. He stood and approached the man who lowered a rake he was holding.

He tried to speak the name of his creator, but only managed to get "Franken" out. He repeated that shortened name several times.

The farmer managed to escape and the monster left on his way.


One night, the monster made his way to a wharf on the lake.

While there he saw Zuckel standing along the shore. He watched as the man pulled out a gun at the sound of a boat bumping against the dock and a paddle falling into the water.

He approached Zuckel from behind and placed his massive hands on the man's shoulders. Zuckel slowly turned and screamed at the giant's appearance.

He pulled out his gun so the monster batted it away. It bounced off the ground and fell into the water.

On the prowl

The monster lifted the man up despite Zuckel's orders to let him go. He kicked the monster in the knee so the monster threw him backwards. The monster approahced the terrified man.

As the monster closed in he backed up. Zuckel reached the shore and the monster loomed over him. He looked around but could only find a small rock, which he threw and hit the monster in the nose.

More pain and anger

The monster held his face, then recalled that Zuckel was the one who tried to shoot him after his creation.

After recalling falling off the cliff, the monster got upset and roared at his attacker. Zuckel stood and ran.

Before he could get anywhere, the monster grabbed him around the neck and lifted him into the air. Zuckel tried to scream but the monster cut him off with a squeeze.

Just then, Victor ran up to them.

Zuckel waved his arms in increasingly weakening circles. Eventually the monster snapped his neck causing Victor to cry out.

Crossing the line

Zuckel's body went limp so the monster threw him into the water. Victor swore and the monster turned to face him.

Victor wondered how the creature managed to find him. The monster said his creator's name as "Franken" and approached. Victor backed away at hearing the monster's ability to speak.

Scared of his creator

After going back several paces, Victor raised his own gun and fired. The monster shied away from his father as he continued firing. Then the gun ran out so the monster came closer again.

Victor threw the gun to the ground and fled. The monster growled which caused Victor to scream.

The next day, the monster was wandering near Victor's home. He found some food and roots so he began eating it while crouched behind some bushes.

Suddenly a woman, the Frankenstein's family Emma, appeared and berated him for stealing food.

No food here

He turned towards her and his appearance caused her to drop her suitcase. He stood up and she backed up tripping. She cowered on the ground as he approached.

He leaned over and grabbed the suitcase with one hand. He grabbed with the other then pulled it apart spilling her belongings all over the road.

He roared realizing there was no food and threw both halves of the suitcase. Terrified, Emma began to pray to God to be with her.

This caused her to become so frightened that her heart gave out and she died. It is unknown if he hurt her following her death, but she was later found with blood running out of her mouth.

He tried to eat some of her stuff, but left it finding it unappetizing.

The Hunt Begins

One night, the monster made his way to a banquet hall. He looked in and saw that the tables were covered in food.

He opened the window and the wind blew the curtains and put out all the candles in the chandelier. The people inside were confused and wondered what happened.

All that food was just sitting there

He sat on the ground and began eating the food, starting with some turkey.

One of the guests looked around and spotted him, causing someone to ask if he was invited. Another stated that they had never seen a giant before. A group of uniformed men entered trying to reassure the guests that they would have all the lights lit again soon.

One of the men shone the light over and the room saw the monster clearly. He turned towards the guests and tore off a piece of the leg he was eating.

The bride shrieked at the sight of him and the other guests started to storm out. She fainted into the groom's arms. One of the guests told someone to call the police.

Too strong for such weak attacks

A man ran up to the monster claiming to have him and smashed a chair over his back, but he was completely unaffected. The man backed up and dropped the remaining pieces.

The monster stood and grabbed his attacker by the shirt. Another person yelled out that he was not phased by the chair. He raised the man above his head and slammed the man onto the ground.

More obstacles to deal with

He then turned towards the uniformed men. The group raised their lanterns and threw them breaking apart on the table near the monster bursting into flames.

Still traumatized by the lightning in the castle, the monster shied away from the fire as it spread to the floor. He was paralyzed with horror as he remembered his creation and his bandages catching fire.

Fight or flight

The monster snapped out of it eventually and ran right through a window shattering it to pieces. He ran out into the night and into the forest.

He was deep in the woods and decided to make his way to the Alps and away from people who would chase him.

Making a run for it

Unfortunately, one of his pursuers spotted him and yelled out his location. The group, led by Chief Inspector Bellebeau, ran up and saw him. The officers raised their guns and began firing.

Tough but not invincible

Most of the shots missed. However, one hit him in the arm. He stopped and fell to nurse his wound, but more bullets continued to pepper him.

The monster stood again and moved on once more. Bellebeau and his men continued to run after him.

The monster grabbed a tree trunk and lifted it over his head. He threw the trunk forcing the men to run out of its way.

Bellebeau rose and told his men to be very careful, noting how strong the monster was.

Alone at last

With the men fleeing, the monster continued on and wandered through an open field. The night sky was lit only by the crescent moon.

He held his injured arm then stopped and collapsed onto the ground. He laid on the ground for some time before opening his eyes and standing once again.

Finding the Cabin

Hope ahead

He continued on before spotting a cabin in the distance. He heard singing and guitar playing.

The monster walked up to the window and spotted the two children he previously saw as well as an old man, who was Victor's father. He looked around at the inside then leaned in closer to see. Enjoying the music, he closed his eyes to listen.

Some enjoyment for once

He listened to the music for a while before they stopped. The three complimented each other. He continued watching and saw the boy stire the coals of the fire with a poker.

Terrible memories

However, this caused flames to start up. He shied away from them and screamed. The sound shocked the girl and the other two wondered what startled her. She pointed towards the window saying something was outside. Grandfather thought it might have been a bear so Philip grabbed the rifle to get a look.

Seeing the people coming, the monster hid. Philip went outside with the weapon but did not see the monster. He made his way to the road and left the cabin.

Alone again

He looked back and saw the boy re-enter the cabin. He turned away from the home looking sad and began walking away.

He wandered through the woods, walking past an owl on a high branch. He stopped and looked at the night-time bird then continued on.

He made his way to a river sparkling in the moonlight. He reached the shore and looked down into the water seeing his reflection.


He knelt down to get a closer look. For the first time he saw his own horrific reflection in the calm waters. He rose and grabbed his face realizing how scary he looked.

The monster looked around seeing several rocks nearby. He lifted one up and threw it into the water to disturb it stopping the reflection.

He grabbed another rock and held it above his head. He saw the water calming itself again so he could see his reflection. He tossed the second rock into the water.

Even monsters feel

The monster collapsed to the ground and began to weep. He leaned back and stared at the moon and began to think of the girl, Emily.

He lowered his head to rest.


The next day, the monster returned to the cabin. He stopped along a cliff overlooking the small home.

Back for more

He approached the home and opened the door. He crouched down and mumbled something. The blind Grandfather Frankenstein looked up wondering if he had a visitor.

The monster grumbled again trying to speak. Grandfather told him that he could not see well, and hoped that the person would come in to make themselves at home.

He crouched down and went through the doorway. He entered and stood near the old man. Grandfather explained that he had no food to offer him except for goat's milk. He stood to help his guest.

Not scared of him

The monster sat down at a chair and Grandfather poured him a glass of the milk and offered it to him. The monster took it in his massive hand, and Grandfather held up his guest's hand. He sat up to feel the monster's face.

He then sat down realizing that he was the creature Victor wanted to create. The monster grumbled and Grandfather claimed he would be safe there.

Sudden surprise

He held up his glass in his two gigantic hands. Just then Emily walked in the door. She saw the monster and screamed. The sudden noise caused him to crush his cup.

She ran and grabbed her grandfather's arm, pulling at him. She stated the monster was there and claimed they needed to run.

She grabbed a cup and, ordering the creature to stay away, threw it. However, it simply bounced off the monster's chest.

She continued urging her grandfather, but the old man told her to stop. He claimed that everything was alright and that the monster wouldn't bother them. She hugged the old man saying she was scared.

Alone once more

Realizing the stress he was causing, the monster stood and left through the door. Grandfather called out to him asking him to return. But he just kept walking away.

Meeting His Maker

The monster wandered off and made his way into the nearby woods. Eventually, he came across his creator brandishing a shotgun.

He got close to Victor. The scientist heard his approached and turned gasping at his appearance.

Finding his father

Victor lowered the gun slightly and the creature said "Franken" recognizing him. Victor looked like he could begin to cry.

The man apologized to his "son" and claimed that he had to destroy him. He leveled the shotgun and fired. However, he only hit the monster in the arm.

Hit once more

The monster called out to him, but Victor leveled the gun once more. He fired again and the monster backed into a tree.

He grabbed a nearby branch and swung it at his creator knocking him back. Victor fell against a tree and passed out. His gun fell next to him.

The monster growled then heard Emily crying for help.

He went through the woods and found a large bear attacking Emily on its hind legs. It neared her roaring and the little girl screamed and fainted.

Monster versus Monster

When the beast moved down to get her, the monster approached grabbing the bear's skin. He pulled it back and around to attack.

He grabbed the creature's muzzle and closed its mouth. He pushed its head back, so the bear scraped its claws across the bullet wound on the monster's arm.

The monster then twisted its neck around shoving the bear back. The creature fell to the ground dead.

The face of innocence

He crouched over the young girl watching her sleep. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her back to the cabin.

He returned to the home and Grandfather asked about the gunshots and Emily. He lowered the girl to the old man who realized what he was holding.

Grandfather told the monster to bring her into his bedroom. He set her in the bed and Grandfather tucked her in. The monster sat nearby in a very small chair while Grandfather sat next to his granddaughter.


Keeping a vigil

Some time later, Emily woke up and looked around to see her grandfather. He was glad that she was awake and alright. She sat up hugging him, telling him about the bear. He told her that she was lucky the monster was there to save her.

They looked over to where the monster was sitting. She gasped at the sight of him, but Grandfather reassured her that she was fine.

Too much to handle

The monster tried to say "be okay," however his chair shattered beneath him due to his enormous weight. Emily saw him sitting on the ground among the mess and laughed. Grandfather told him he would have to build a sturdier chair.

Emily then saw blood flowing from his wound in his arm. Grandfather realized that his son must have shot him. Emily walked over asking if he was hurt.

The monster growled, but Emily simply took off her scarf. She wrapped it around his arm and tied it off covering the wound.

Trying to smile

She asked if he felt any better. The monster looked around and tried to smile. She made a silly face back at him realizing he was trying to talk. Grandfather nodded in approval.

Finding Happiness

As Emily felt better, the three of them decided to go outside. The monster put Emily on his shoulder and carried her around. Meanwhile, Grandfather began working on a new chair for the monster.

Happy for the first time

He walked her past bushes full of white and red roses.

Afterwards, the two of them went inside the cabin to make some food. During this time, she began calling him "Franken."

She made a bowl of dough and told Franken that they would be learning to make bread. She told him to take the spoon and stir to make the dough. Franken looked around confused.

He grabbed the bowl with both hands and she congratulated him, then told him to stir. He started slowly and she complimented his work.

Getting carried away

He then went faster and dough began flying everywhere. She tried to tell him not to go so fast. The monster smiled, but Emily was upset that the two were covered in dough. She told him he did a bad job.

They eventually managed to cook the bread, though it was burnt and misshapened. Once it was done, they took it outside to eat with Grandfather.

Franken sat down on a new bench Grandfather made. Emily told her grandparent that Franken made the bread. Grandfather agreed when he saw the bread.

New family, new furniture

Franken looked down at the new bench and felt it. He rocked back and forth, and Emily said not to worry about it breaking since it was custom made for him.

Grandfather claimed it was strong enough to hold an elephant. The two others laughed as Franken tore a piece off of his bread.

Emily looked up noting how sweet the two birds above them were. The two tweeted and Emily called for them to come down.

One landed on her arm and the other landed on her shoulder. Franken looked at them and smiled. He watched and repeated her words.


Kind soul

The two birds flew over and landed on Franken's shoulder. He held up his bread offering it to them and they began pecking at it. Franken watched the animals eat.

Emily wondered why he was so mean before but was nice then. Grandfather theorized that he was treated badly and reacted as anyone would. However, Emily did not understand.

Grandfather dismissed the conversation as being unimportant. He then pointed out that everything new to him, such as the birds. They watched as he continued to stare at the two eating birds.

Emily asked Franken if he knew what those were, and told him they were birds. Franken tried to say the name, but it came out like butter so Emily corrected him.

She then asked for him to try her name. Franken tried but fumbled so she corrected him. he tried again but failed once more. She became disappointed that he could not say her name.

Grandfather then reassured her that he would be saying it soon enough, claiming he would talk like any other person soon.

Franken tried her name again, but Emily gave up at that mistake. Grandfather laughed.

After they finished eating, Franken took Emily to a swing under a tree. Franken sat on the ground and pushed her on the swing.

As she would come down Franken would push her forward again. She wished to go higher. Then her necklace with a crucifix fell off. She then told him not to go so fast.

Finding out about their greater creator

Emily noticed the necklace on the ground. Franken reached down and grabbed it. Emily got off the swing and walked over to it asking if he knew what it was, then said it was a crucifix.

Franken tried to sound the word but struggled. She told him that it was a symbol of their belief in God, their creator.

He tried to say the word God, but it came out as "good." Emily laughed saying that God is good. She then asked for her necklace back.

He offered the crucifix to her and she thanked him. He watched as she put it around her neck and tucked it into her shirt. She told him that the crucifix was important to her.


The next day, Franken was helping Grandfather and Emily around with the household chores. At some point, the monster decided to get some wood for the fire.


He wandered out of the home and into the woods. He gathered a bundle of sticks. As he reached down for another, a gunshot blasted it away.

He looked up at the sounds of angry yelling. He saw a mob of men carrying guns, axes, and torches approaching him.

Surrounded on all sides

Franken stood and dropped the bundle. He growled but the angry mob continued shooting at him. Fearing for his life, he turned and fled.

Franken backed up as he became surrounded by men with their guns and torches. He stepped forward in an attempt to intimidate them. However, someone tossed a torch at him.

What he fears most

He ran away from the flaming object, but more torches came at him. Franken batted one away as he fled.


The torches caught the brush on fire and soon the forest was engulfed in flames.

He continued running through the burning forests as more torches were thrown at him.

Abandon all hope

He eventually eluded his pursuers as the flames grew. However, the inferno brought back the terrible memories of his bandages on fire.

He was terrified by the flames all around him. He waved at it trying to get it to go away, but this was in vain.

Franken heard Grandfather struggling through the blaze. The old man told him to come back to save him. Franken coughed through the smoke and watched as Grandfather finally collapsed.

Fearing for his friend's life, Franken pushed forward shielding himself from the flames. He stopped when flaming branches from the trees fell in front of him.

He covered his mouth and looked around and spotted the old man. He went to him and reached down trying to wake Grandfather.

Fighting for a friend

Grandfather woke and told him he should not have come back for him. The monster put his hand on Grandfather's shoulder and the old man thanked him.

Nightmare come true

Franken nodded then saw an enormous tree fall towards them. He grabbed Grandfather and protected him with his body.

Unfortunately, the tree fell right onto his back. Franken screamed in pain as the flaming trunk rested on him.

Overcoming his fears

Grandfather bid him farewell. Franken realized the old man would soon die and gathered his strength. He stood lifting the flaming tree above him then tossed it aside.

Franken picked up the old man and carried him through the burning woods. Eventually he came across a woman, Elizabeth Frankenstein, who was also in the woods trying to find her father-in-law.

She stopped when she saw the two men. Franken walked towards her and Grandfather told her to stay back.

She ignored the please and rushed towards the two. However, she was suddenly caught in the flames as they swept across the path. She cried out in pain.

Franken rushed forward to help her. Elizabeth struggled to move as burning tree trunks fell all around her. The two men watched helplessly as one of the trunks fell right on top of her.

Helpless to help

The monster stopped and Grandfather cried out for his daughter-in-law before he fainted. Her screams slowly died down.

Elizabeth died before their eyes. He carried Grandfather, and possibly Elizabeth's body, out of the woods.

On the Run

Eventually the fires burned themselves out. It was left in a dismal skeletal mess.

Watching from afar

Franken watched the mob from afar as the mob found Elizabeth's body. They wrapped her up and put her on a stretcher. Emily appeared and cried over her dead mother with Philip and Bellebeau watching her. Eventually Victor appeared and saw his deceased wife.

Realizing the danger he is

He heard Victor and Bellebeau talk about hunting him. Realizing that Grandfather was in danger just being around him, the monster looked at the old man and set him down on the ground.

For the greater good

The monster took one last look at Grandfather than began walking away. Unfortunately, one of the villagers spotted him as he stumbled away. The police officers and mob chased him back into the woods.

The monster made his way through the woods to town. He neared the buildings though the mob closed in.


He pushed away a villager then escaped through a broken fence. Seeing that the mob was trying to follow, the monster pushed some nearby wood down in front of them blocking their way.

The monster hid behind a building watching the mob continuing to run through the buildings.

As they passed, he turned to walk away but stopped. He saw Philip staring at him holding a pistol at his side. Philip told the monster that this was for Emily's grandfather and mother.

A strange adversary

He slowly raised the gun trying to hold it steady. The monster shook his head trying to get him to stop.

Philip pulled the trigger, barely missing the monster's head. He fired again but missed once more. Philip fired and missed a third time, so the monster walked towards him.

Just wants to be left alone

The boy backed up and the monster grabbed the gun. He twisted it in Philip's hand causing the boy to cry out in pain. The two struggled for the weapon, causing Philip to fire it.

The monster was hit, causing him to accidentally knock Philip back. The boy was knocked against a small rock wall. He landed on the ground struggling to get up before collapsing.

The crash caused the boy to die. The gun landed at his side.

The monster started to run to the deceased boy but stopped. He heard Emily crying out for her young friend. He looked up to see her running towards the boy.

Trying to be friendly

She knelt down and tried to wake him. Emily yelled out that Franken killed Philip. The monster knelt down to comfort her.

She pushed him off yelling at him not to touch her. She stood and picked up Philip's gun. The monster back away when she pointed it at him realizing she meant to kill him.

Having hurt a friend

He raised his arms in surrender, trying to pronounce her name once more. She called him a murderer.

He then stopped waving his arms. She had tears streaming down her face claiming the monster killed her mother and friend, and her grandfather could soon die.

She told him that he could not keep hurting people. She fired the gun hitting the monster in the hand, punching a hole right through.


He cradled his hand as blood streamed down, crying out in pain. This shocked Emily who let the gun fall from her hands.

The monster turned to leave. He stopped when he saw Emily cradling Philip's body. He looked down at his injured hand then left.

Finding Religion

He wandered down the empty road, thinking about Emily telling him how dangerous he was. He stopped and looked at the scarf still wrapped around his arm.

Almost looks like tears coming down

He thought back to when Emily put it on. He also thought about the fun times they had together, then continued walking.

He looked up and saw a church. He saw the steeple of the building and the cross on top. He recalled what Emily said about her crucifix.

The monster went in the building opening the doors. The room was completely dark except for some light coming in through the stained glass windows.

Finding a kindred spirit

He wandered towards the front and stopped when he saw a statue of Jesus on the cross.

He looked at the statue's hand and saw a stake through Jesus' hand. He looked down and compared it to the hole in his own hand. He then put his hands together in a prayer and said "crucifix."

He looked up at Jesus' face beginning to cry.

Just then, his creator smashed his way through the doors. Victor walked forward said that the creature killed Emma and Elizabeth and tried to kill his father.

About to be destroyed by his father

The monster shook his head, unable to explain himself.

Victor leveled his shotgun so, to protect himself, the monster threw a pew at his creator. The bench knocked him down causing the shot to miss.

The monster walked by him to escape.


No where to run

The monster made his way to the Badlands around the lake to the Dragon's Teeth. However, the villagers spotted him on his way. He was chased to a large overhang over a cliff.

Bellebeau and his officers cornered the monster on the overhang. The inspector ordered his men to open fire. Hearing this, the monster crouched down behind some rocks to protect himself against the bullet barrage.

Fight to the death

He lifted a large round rock and threw it at the officers. It rolled knocking down two of the officers killing them. He grabbed two more rocks and tossed them. One man dodged the rocks but another was hit.

The monster began tossing more rocks in a steady attack. One hits a man in the head knocking him down. Another rolling rock knocks down two more officers. Another rock struck an officer in the face.

When the remaining men pulled their guns out, the monster used a large rock as a shield to approach the men. They fired but hit only the rock.

Bellebeau backed up as the monster approached. He continued to fire but could not hit anything around the rock.

Monster SMASH!

The inspector was stunned when he backed into a rock wall. The monster loomed over him as he looked up. He raised the rock intending to bring it down onto the inspector.

The man raised his gun to fire, but upon pulling the trigger realized it was jammed.

The monster closed in with the rock, covering the man with his shadow. The monster screamed at the inspector terrifying him.

Being the bigger man

Just then, the monster thought about Emily not hurting people and stopped his attack. He dropped the rock to the side and began walking away, confusing Bellebeau.


As he wandered away, he was suddenly shot through the back. He turned around to see his creator with his shotgun.

Shot through the heart

Victor announced that he would destroy his creation, and that the monster needed to return to death. The monster backed way from his creator crying "No."

Victor approached with his gun and fired. The force of the blast knocked the monster down. He wondered why the creature would not die.

Just then, Emily ran up and pushed her father's gun down. The father reminded her that the creature is the reason that her mother was dead. She countered that the monster didn't kill anyone and had saved Grandfather.

Victor was shocked at the realization. The girl went on to say that Franken would have saved her mother if he wasn't already helping Grandfather.

Too much for him to handle

Franken knelt to the ground, holding his new wound.

Emily went on to say that Grandfather explained how he and her father created Franken. She claimed that killing the monster would be killing his own child, such as killing her.

Victor lowered his gun. Bellebeau watched the proceedings.

Apology for her misunderstanding

Emily ran over to Franken and apologized for how she treated him. He once again tried to say her name, this time getting it right.

Emily was pleased to hear him say that and began crying. She said that Franken was no monster, but her friend. She hugged the giant.

The best for her

Realizing that his continued existence would only continue to cause pain and suffering, he gently pushed her back and stood. He walked to the edge of the cliff as Emily watched.

This time he's glad to fall

She called out to him and he turned to smile. He said her name then fell back over the side. Emily cried out to him.

Set free

He fell into the depths below looking happy. He turned in mid-air falling head first. The scarf around his arm came undone and flew free.

The monster fell to the ground below. This time, because he wished to die, he was killed on impact.


His sacrifice led to Victor's suicide by his own shotgun.

Well remembered

Franken's remains were buried near Grandfather's cabin in an unmarked grave with a small wooden cross atop it. Emily's scarf was found and tied to the cross. At some point someone, presumably Emily, planted roses at the base of the cross.

Bellebeau sometimes visited the grave. He wondered whether the doctor had created a monster or if it was society's fear of the creature's appearance that caused him to act out violently.

Little actual details of the monster's life were known to the people at large. Still, tales of him were told long after his death. He became known as the Giant of Geneva. Bellebeau wrote all he knew of his investigations and arranged to have it published following his eventual death.

Powers and Abilities

The monster of Victor Frankenstein has no powers to speak of. Because of his unique creation, he is extremely durable and strong to the point of seemingly being indestructible. He was created out of dead body parts to help provide immortality to humanity. He has been burnt, fallen off extremely high places, and been shot and still kept going on.

However, the monster is not completely immune to damage. He has been injured by gunshots and eventually died by falling off a cliff. Though the second time he fell he wished to die.

Incredibly strong

He is extremely strong and physically powerful. The monster is able to easily lift heavy objects that would be far too much for any normal human. He inadvertently destroys much around him as he does not know how to properly control his strength.


The monster seems to have no memories or thoughts from his former life before his recreation. He awoke as a blank slate, similar to a newborn baby. Unfortunately, his first memories were of fear and hatred. As such, he acted out in anger with violence. Anything that got in his way became an obstacle to be destroyed. Anyone who brandished a weapon against him was an enemy to be stopped. This led to him to some self-loathing at his appearance, actions, and mere existence. At times he felt he truly was the terrible monster others acted like he was and wondered if should live.

Just wants peace and happiness

However, all he wanted was love and compassion. His first actions were seeking out love from the only two he saw, one calling himself his father, which were rejected. All others he sought out were reviled by his appearance. It wasn't until he met his own Grandfather, who was blind and thus not frightened by looks, that he found acceptance. It was also the innocence of a child, in a way his own sister, that he found one who liked him for who he really was. In the end, it was this love and compassion that he sacrificed his life for.


Due to traumatic events immediately following his creation, he suffers from pyrophobia, a fear of fire. The mere sight of a flame terrified him, sometimes causing him to freeze and other times to flee. Fortunately, he overcame his trauma in order to save those he loved.


Victor Frankenstein

Father and son

Victor is Franken's creator and in many ways his father. His first memories were of his father calling to him. He even took his name after that of his father. However, Victor immediately regretted his actions and sought his destruction. Franken sought out his father so he could understand his place in the world, not fully realizing Victor's intent. Franken left Victor after he found Emily and Grandfather feeling he no longer needed his father. Eventually Victor accepted Franken just before his death.


Cruel tormentor

Zuckel was the cruel and greedy assistant to Victor. While his father wanted to pursue science and further humanity, Zuckel merely wanted money. Zuckel was the first to show fear and hatred towards Franken by attacking him. Eventually Franken realized that this person was a danger to others, including him, and killed him in revenge for the pain he caused him.

Grandfather Frankenstein

The first to show him kindness

Victor's father was the one who originally came up with the concept of reanimating the dead. As such, he felt compassion for what Franken was and what he was going through. Grandfather also understood the cruelty of the world and was the first to be friendly to Franken. He welcomed him into his home and embraced him as an equal. Humbled by the humanity shown, Franken eventually left Grandfather so that the old man would have peace from the angry villagers who sought his death.

Emily Frankenstein

Brother and sister

If there is one person who Franken can truly call a friend it is Emily, who is essentially his own sister. While initially frightened by him, she was calmed by her grandfather who got her to see the kind, gentle person that Franken really was. The two quickly became very close friends and Emily thought him all she could. Her anger at him and her attack, led Franken to his lowest moment of self-hatred. But it was her love and forgiveness that made his realizing just how kind humanity could be. He sacrificed his life, what little he had, so that she could know happiness without threat of harm because of him.


Frankenstein's Monster was voiced by Hosei Komatsu in Japanese and Richard Epcar in English.

First version of the character outside the comics.

The design and origin of the monster were based on the Boris Karloff version seen in the Universal Pictures classic monster films.

In the Comics

The monster's origin is much of the same as in the original Mary Shelley book.

It is specified that he was created in Bavaria.

He was revived by heat and searched for Victor's descendants before coming into conflict with Count Dracula.

During World War II, the Nazis created two clones of him.

He was pulled out of time to serve Kang in a fight against the Avengers.

He was revived from his second suspended animation to team up with Spider-Man to fight several villains including Man-Wolf.

He fought Dreadknight when the villain came after Victor's descendent Victoria.

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