Forge WXM
Alternate Identity Forge
Powers and Abilities Mechanical Genius
Team Affiliations X-Men
Forge is from the Yost Universe series Wolverine and the X-Men.

Forge is a mutant and member of the X-Men.


Physical Therapy
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Forge was an engineer for the X-Men, fixing their computers, devices, and vehicles. He rejoined the team following the explosion when Wolverine recruited him. He fixed up the Danger Room, Cerebro, and Blackbird. He tended not to go on missions and is more of a support member. While the team was being reconstructed, as well as the mansion, Wolverine met Emma Frost. She was able to garner from him using her telepathy that Cerebro was working, and was determined to use it. Forge's presence was requested by Wolverine, who went to get him from the Danger Room. However, he instead was subject to some of its intensities, until Forge noticed him on the window and questioned what he was doing there. As Wolverine instructed him to return to repairs on Cerebro, he expressed confusion in alternating between that, the Danger Room and it again.

Despite this, he did as the latter requested. Wolverine tried to introduce him to Emma, but she rejected the meeting so that she could get to business. Forge even tried to tell her how to use Cerebro, and she still ignored him on the pretense that she had used her telepathy to read his mind on the way in. Following Emma's use of Cerebro, he joined the team on a mission to Genosha to get Charles Xavier from Magneto. During the mission, he and Beast used Wolverine to exchange wiring to keep the Blackbird in the air. Afterwards, Xavier from the future contacted them telling them about a dystopian future.

He designed an inhibitor collar to suppress mutant powers, merely to help those who could not control them causing danger to others. However, this became sought after by the Mutant Response Division who stole it.

He made himself an arm-mounted blaster to help Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Emma Frost rescue Cyclops and Jean Grey from Mister Sinister.

After the X-Men stopped the Sentinel take-over of Earth, Xavier told them about a new dark future.


Forge was voiced by Roger Craig Smith.

First, and currently last, time Forge has been a regular member of the series.

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