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Alternate Identity Forge
Powers and Abilities Expert in mechanics
Allies X-Men
Forge is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.
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Forge is a mutant who was able to travel through time from the 1970s to modern day society. He has the ability to turn one of his hands into a robotic device that transforms into a wide range of tools. He went to Bayville High School and in 1978 he trapped himself in a place he called the Middleverse. He was trapped there in a kind of limbo until Nightcrawler accidentally became trapped there as well. Together with the X-Men, they were able to escape. He was offered a chance to join the team but he refused as he wanted to find his parents.

He later built a device that would allow Nightcrawler to see the dimension he traveled through when he teleported. He was also able to extend Nightcrawler's teleportation range. However, that dimension was filled with nightmarish creatures who soon were able to leave on their won. Forge helped send them back by building a special projector.


Forge is voiced by Samuel Vincent.

In the comics, Forge never travelled through time or became lost in any pocket dimension. This was a creation from the producers.

In the comics, Forge lost his leg and hand fighting in the Vietnam War, thus requiring him to build his robotic limbs. He also had a romantic relationship with Storm.

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