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Alternate Identity Forge
Powers and Abilities Unclear, possibly superhuman intuitive talent for inventing mechanical devices

Forge is a mutant.


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Forge is a Native American. At some point he lost his leg and replaced with a mechanical one.

He grew up and became the leader of X-Factor. When Iceman brought the X-Men to them, he arranged a friendly skirmish.

Later he watched Magneto give a speech with the rest of X-Factor.

When the Phalanx came to Earth he joined forces with Beast, Magneto, and Mister Sinister to stop them, at the expense of his leg.

Alternate Versions

Forge has seen many alternate timelines, but remembers none of them.

Sentinel Rule

In one timeline Senator Robert Kelly was killed by Mystique disguised as Gambit. Sentinels then took over the world and killed all of the X-Men except for Wolverine. Bishop was police officer that apprehended Wolverine but was betrayed by the Sentinels. Forge built a Time Machine and sent Bishop back to stop the assassination. Bishop was successful and this timeline was erased.


In this timeline a virus killed off most of the human population, including Wolverine. Forge kept Wolverine's adamantium skeleton for analysis. He also invented a time machine and sent Bishop back to stop the virus. Bishop was successful and this timeline was erased.

Magneto's X-Men

In this timeline Charles Xavier was killed before forming the X-Men and Magneto formed it in his honor. However, he could not maintain human-mutant relations and the world fell into war. His entire body, save for his head, was damaged and replaced with a mechanical one. He was confronted by Bishop, Shard, a past Wolverine, and past Storm. He did not want to help them but they forced him into sending him back through time again to save Xavier, using his experimental device. The four were successful and this timeline was erased.


Forge was voiced by Marc Strange.

This Forge was never specified as having mutant powers.

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