Flash Thompson
Flash ThompsonSTNAS.jpg
Real Name Eugene Thompson
Alternate Identity Flash
Powers and Abilities Artificially Enhanced Intelligence
Team Affiliations Empire State University
Allies Zellner
Family and Friends Mary Jane Watson (Ex-Girlfriend)
Flash Thompson is from the Non MAU series Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.

Eugene Thompson, better known as Flash is a football player at Empire State University.


Little is known about the early life of Flash Thompson.

All that is known is that he is skilled in sports. However, Flash was not that intelligent and did poorly in school. Likely, he only went to college on a football scholarship.

He was constantly picking on Peter Parker for being a nerd.

He signed up for an experiment with a Dr. Zellner through school. Flash was injected with a serum that drastically increased his brain power. He began studying William Shakespeare and impressed Mary Jane Watson enough that she went out with him.

However, it was discovered that the serum was killing him and Zellner was using it to commit crimes. The superhero Spider-Man stopped Zellner and helped Flash save himself.

He returned to normal afterwards and continued as he was before.


Flash was voiced by Devon Sawa.

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