Flash Thompson
Flash Thompson
Real Name Eugene Thompson
Alternate Identity Flash
Family and Friends Debra Whitman (Girlfriend)
Felicia Hardy (Ex-Girlfriend)
Harry Osborn
Mary Jane Watson
Peter Parker

Eugene Thompson, nicknamed Flash, is a person who went to high school and Empire State University with Harry Osborn and Peter Parker, though he still thinks that he's a dweeb.


Physical Therapy
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He bullied Peter in high school but eased up on him in college. He dated Felicia Hardy and Debra Whitman. He is a massive fan of Spider-Man, not knowing that he is actually Peter Parker.

He wore a Spider-Man costume to intimidate Peter, but was kidnapped by Black Widow. He tried to save Debra from Vulture but Spider-Man had to save him.


Flash Thompson was voiced by Patrick Labyorteaux.

In the Comics

Doctor Doom kidnapped Flash in a Spider-Man costume.

He was once framed as Hobgoblin.

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