Farley Stillwell
Farley Stillwell (Spider-Man).png
Real Name Farley Stillwell
Allies J. Jonah Jameson
Curt Connors

Farley Stillwell is a scientist in the field of neogenics.


At some point he created the Neogenic Recombinator along with Dr. Curt Connors. Empire State University kept the Recombinator.

He was hired by J. Jonah Jameson to turn private investigator Mac Gargan into Scorpion, who would then defeat Spider-Man. He chose the scorpion as it was a natural predator to the spider. However, Gargan went crazy after finding out that he could not take the suit off. Scorpion tried to kill Stillwell and Jameson but both were saved by Spider-Man.

Afterwards, he was admitted into an institution for fear that Scorpion was coming after him. Scorpion eventually abducted him and brought him to a laboratory where Spider-Man, Connors, and Vulture were. Stillwell planned to destroy the Recombinator so that it could not be used to create any more monsters. He overloaded the Recombinator and it exploded. The explosion turned Lizard back into Connors and allowed them to escape. He explained that neogenics was too dangerous and vowed to keep the secrets with him forever. He disappeared and was never seen nor mentioned again.


Stillwell was voiced by Michael Rye.

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