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A list of episodes from the second and final season of Fantastic Four. This season contains the Inhumans Saga.


Script # Title Original Airdate Production Code
14 "And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them" September 23, 1995 201
15 "And the Wind Cries Medusa" September 30, 1995 202
16 "The Inhumans Among Us" October 7, 1995 203
17 "Beware the Hidden Land" October 14, 1995 204
18 "Worlds Within Worlds" October 21, 1995 205
19 "To Battle the Living Planet" November 4, 1995 206
20 "Prey of the Black Panther" November 11, 1995 207
21 "When Calls Galactus" November 18, 1995 208
22 "Nightmare in Green" November 15, 1995 209
23 "Behold, a Distant Star" February 3, 1996 210
24 "Hopelessly Impossible" February 10, 1996 211
25 "The Sentry Sinister" February 17, 1996 212
26 "Doomsday" February 24, 1996 213


The Fantastic Four would loose all their powers, and need help from Daredevil. A group called the Frightful Four attempt to destroy their heroic counterparts and succeed in taking over Ben Grimm's mind. They will find out about the Inhumans and the Great Refuge. The Four will team up with the mighty god Thor to battle Ego, but when the living planet proves too powerful they must consider contacting their greatest foe: Galactus. The Black Panther will call upon the heroes to save his kingdom from his archenemy Klaw. Terrax forces the Four to fight a poisoned Galactus, who must then feed on Earth to survive. Ben will get in the way of a rampaging Hulk. Doctor Doom will once again steal the Silver Surfer's powers but the Four may not be able to stop him this time.

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