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Fantastic Four (TV Series)
Fantastic Four Season One.jpg
Season One Title
Beginning date September 24, 1994
End date February 24, 1996
Number of Episodes 26
Season One
Season Two
Original Channel Syndication
Previous Series Iron Man
Next Series Spider-Man

Fantastic Four was the third series to air in the Marvel Animated Universe. It is the third series to focus on the Fantastic Four after Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four. The series premiered on September 24, 1994 and ended February 24, 1996. There were two seasons, with thirteen episodes per season, for a total of twenty-six episodes.


Season Two title

Fantastic Four debuted alongside the animated Iron Man series as part The Marvel Action Hour, comprising the second half. Before the episode, Stan Lee would have a short segment speaking about the characters, situations, and inspirations.

Larry Houston left working on X-Men to take over for the show's second season. "Having the freedom to accurately depict and adapt the classic Fantastic Four stories was the main reason that, after directing the first four years of the X-Men, I left the series. I grew up on Marvel in the 60s. With so many of those Kirby/Lee stories embedded in my imagination for decades, I had to jump at the chance to do them right. My personal approach has always been to adapt any book/story and follow it as closely as possible. You have to change things, when going from a book to moving cinema. But you only changes things when you have to, NOT because you can."[1]


Main Cast

Actor Role(s)
Beau Weaver Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards
Lori Alan Invisible Woman/Susan Richards
Quinton Flynn
Brian Austin Green
Human Torch/Johnny Storm
Chuck McCann Thing/Benjamin J. Grimm
John Vernon
Simon Templeman
Doctor Doom
Neil Ross Doctor Doom
Puppet Master
Pauline Arthur Lomas Alicia Masters

Quinton Flynn was the only actor to reprise his role for the team's appearance on Spider-Man. John Semper, Jr. disliked the Fantastic Four and didn't want the voice cast to join in.

Recurring Cast

Actor Role(s)
Edward Albert
Robin Sachs
Silver Surfer
Gregg Berger Mole Man
Mary Kay Bergman Princess Anelle
Jane Carr Lady Dorma
Rocky Carroll Triton
Jim Cummings "Slash" Curtis
"Bull" Donavon
"Skink" Lomas
Bill Clinton
Michael Dorn Gorgon
Ron Feinberg Terrax
Ron Friedman Blastaar
Mark Hamill Kree Sentry
Jess Harnell Impossible Man
Jamie Horton Psycho-Man
Charles Howerton Klaw
Kathy Ireland Cyrstal
Tony Jay Galactus
Clyde Kusatsu Annihilus
Kay E. Kuter Ego
Joan Lee Lavinia Forbes
Stan Lee Himself
Kerrigan Mahan Seeker
Katherine Moffat Lyja
Iona Morris Medusa
Alan Oppenheimer Firelord
Riff Regan Melinda
Robert Ridgely Skrull Emperor
Gina Tuttle Female TV Reporter
James Warwick Namor
Sam Jaggers

Guest Cast

Actor Role(s)
Dick Clark Himself
Keith David Black Panther
Brad Garrett Hydro-Man
George Gee Himself
Dan Gilvezan Morrat
Benny Grant Rick Jones
Richard Grieco Ghost Rider
Green Jelly Themselves
Leeza Miller McGee Nova/Frankie Raye
Richard McGonagle Franklin Storm
Gary Owens Himself
Ron Perlman Hulk
Bruce Banner
John Rhys-Davies Thor
Bill Smitrovich Daredevil

Ron Perlman also played Hulk and Bruce Banner on Iron Man. John Rhys-Davies and Richard Grieco reprised the roles of Thor and Ghost Rider on The Incredible Hulk.


The series ran for twenty-six episodes between September 24, 1994 and February 24, 1996.


During the first season critics and fans were disappointed with the show's more silly dialogue, crude animation, plot holes, and claimed the opening song was more annoying than anything else. Though fans believed that the second season had improved in every area. The Johnny Storm actor was replaced, Thing had less campy dialogue, a more heroic theme featuring no lyrics, and the writing became generally more mature. However, ratings still dropped, probably from the poor first season, and the series was not picked up for a third season.


Fantastic Four comic writer Tom DeFalco parodied the series in Fantastic Four #396. In it, the Scott Lang version of Ant-Man, who was then a member of the team, found a fictional series based on the Fantastic Four and ridiculed Thing for being desperate for money. DeFalco reportedly got into some trouble for it. It happened to the final issue DeFalco served as Editor-in-Chief for Marvel.[2]


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