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Mister Fantastic FFWGH

Mr. Fantastic

Reed Richards just might be the smartest person on the planet. He’s inarguably the stretchiest.

Reed has the power to shift his body (or portions of his body) into a super-malleable state, enabling him to stretch, compress, expand, deform, elongate, contract or otherwise reshape his physical form at will. He can stretch his limbs, neck and torso to incredible lengths, or he can render himself paper-thin—becoming slim enough in diameter to thread the eye of a needle.

As the Fantastic Four’s resident genius, Reed finds that his teammates depend on him for leadership and direction; and while he’s been known to get caught up in the scientific analysis of a situation, he always comes through for his team when it counts.

Reed’s wild inventions can sometimes cause trouble for the Fantastic Four (like when he accidentally causes the team to shrink to microscopic size), but he always has good intentions with his gadgets—and they’ve often come in handy for saving the world.

Invisible Woman FFWGH

Invisible Woman

Susan is the glue that holds the Fantastic Four together. She’s strong-willed, assertive, level-headed, and clever. She also tends to be more diplomatic than the rest of team—preferring to look for peaceful solutions to their conflicts before jumping into a fight.

This shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness however; Susan is tough as nails, and when her friends are in danger she won’t hesitate to unleash the full ferocity of her force-field powers. Combined with her ability to turn things invisible, these talents quite possibly make her the most formidable member of the FF

Human Torch FFWGH

The Human Torch

Johnny Storm, AKA “The Human Torch”, is the young wise-cracking comic relief of the team. After the space station accident that gave the Fantastic Four their powers, Johnny has the power to “Flame-On!”, where he can cover his body in flames and utilize fire blasts and other abilities. Brother to Sue Storm, he acts as annoying young brother as well as a team player. He is quick to get Ben Grimm, “The Thing” riled up by making a quip at Ben’s expense or playing a prank on the “ever-lovin’” guy. Though Johnny doesn’t always understand what Reed Richards is saying, he follows Reed’s lead and does his part. Johnny doesn’t mind taking advantage of public attention and swooning women as he saves the world as part of “The World’s Greatest Heroes!”


The Thing

Ben is the brave bruiser of the team, possessing tremendous superhuman strength and durability. And even though he has a hide made of rock, Ben Grimm is a big softie on the inside. He’s got a face that makes babies cry, and sometimes sends people running and screaming just at the sight of him—but he’s far from being a monster. His heroics have single-handedly saved the city more than once. Even Johnny, whose pranks and jokes about Ben’s appearance are relentless, knows that there’s only one person you want on your side when it’s Clobberin’ Time…the ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing!

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