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Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four 1967.jpg
Beginning date September 9, 1967
End date September 21, 1968
Number of Episodes 20
Writers Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
Producers William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Original Channel ABC
Previous Series Spider-Man
Next Series Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four is a series that aired from September 9, 1967 to September 21, 1968 originally airing the same day as Spider-Man. It was the second Marvel Comics animated series. It was also the first to adapt a single comic book series as The Marvel Super Heroes had been a combination of several different series. The series was known as Space Ninja Gones in Japan.


Similar to The Marvel Super Heroes, the episodes were directly adapted from the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby comics with a few exceptions. The character of Namor was unavailable as his rights were given for another series, so the character of Triton (unrelated to the Inhuman Triton) was created in his place. Also, Alicia Masters did not appear so Invisible Girl takes her place in convincing Silver Surfer to turn against Galactus.


The series featured "crash effects" to represent various violence, similar to the 1966 series Batman. [1]


Actor Role(s)
Gerald Mohr Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards
Jo Ann Pflug Invisible Girl/Susan Storm Richards
Jac Flounders Human Torch/Johnny Storm
Paul Frees Thing
Additional Voices
Joseph Sirola Doctor Doom
Tol Avery Morrat
Ted Cassidy Galactus
Henry Corden Attuma
Molecule Man
Regis Cordic Diablo
Jack DeLeon Mole Man
Frank Gerstle Blastaar
Don Messick Kurrgo
Dorek Vll
Marvin Miller Super-Skrull
Vic Perrin Red Ghost
Silver Surfer
Professor Gamma Ray
Mike Road Triton
Hal Smith Judge
Otto von Lenz
Ginny Tyler Anelle
Janet Waldo Lady Dorma
Princess Pearla


There were a total of twenty episodes.

Current Status

The show was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions which has seen become owned by Time-Warner who also owns DC Comics, Marvel's largest competitor. While The Walt Disney Company was able to acquire the rights to several series, Fantastic Four is currently not one of them. As such, there appears to be no plans to release the series on home video.


Rotten Tomatoes ranked the series among its top one-hundred superhero series with this series at sixty-four above Big Hero 6 at one-hundred Spider-Woman at eighty-nine, Iron Man: Armored Adventures at eighty-six, Ultimate Spider-Man at eighty-three, Spider-Man Unlimited at seventy-three, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes at sixty-nine, The Super Hero Squad Show at sixty-eight, X-Men: Evolution at sixty-six and below Avengers Assemble at fifty-eight, Guardians of the Galaxy at fifty-five, The Marvel Super Heroes at fifty-one, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends at forty-eight, The Spectacular Spider-Man at forty-six, Spider-Man at forty, Spider-Man at nineteen, and X-Men at five.[1]


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