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Europe is one of the seven continents on the planet Earth.

Europe contains a number of nations such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Russia, France, Germany, Latveria, and Scotland.


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The continent was devastated during World War II when Germany declared war on numerous other nations. They took over France. They were eventually stopped by a combination of Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Doctor Doom took over his country of Latveria. From there he opened embassies in other nations like the US. However, he used his power to try to take over the world. The Fantastic Four went to the nation several times to stop him.

For many years Russia was known as the Soviet Union. There was a "Cold War" between them and numerous other Western countries such as the UK and US. They eventually collapsed and returned to calling themselves Russia.

The US had military bases throughout the continent such as in Norway.

Justin Hammer built a tunnel between France and the United Kingdom that was a trap for Force Works. His efforts were eventually stopped.

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