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Real Name Eternity
Powers and Abilities Embodiment of All Things
Allies Uatu
Silver Surfer
Family and Friends Infinity (Sister)

Eternity is the embodiment of everything in the universe and brother of Infinity, the embodiment of time.


Little is known about Eternity.

He sensed the Phoenix Force turning evil along with Thor, Doctor Strange, and Uatu.

He and his sister came to know of Silver Surfer. He thought the hero could help them in a coming battle where Thanos intended to destroy the universe to resurrect his love Lady Chaos, though she doubted him. They eventually revealed themselves to him and set him to battle Thanos.


Infinity was voiced by John Neville on Silver Surfer. His appearance on X-Men was an unvoiced cameo.

The first, and currently only, version of the character outside the comics.

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