Erik the Red
Eric the Red
Real Name Shakari
Alternate Identity Erik the Red
Powers and Abilities Increased Strength and Durability, Energy Blasts
Team Affiliations Shi'ar Empire
Allies D'ken
Black Tom Cassidy

Erik the Red is a member of the Shi'ar Empire.


Physical Therapy
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Erik the Red was asked to gain access the space shuttle as part of D'Ken's grand plan to acquire the M'Kraan Crystal. When he learned that Lilandra was on Earth, he hired Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy to capture her. He was promptly chastised by Gladiator after his miserable failure before the Phoenix sent him back to the Shi'ar galaxy.


Erik was voiced by Lawrence Bayne.

Currently the only version of the character outside the comics.

In the Comics

His real name is Davan Shakari.

Cyclops used a supervillain persona named Eric the Red (note the different spelling) to infiltrate a villain group, before ever fighting Erik. Scott opened the question of if there was any connection between his chosen name and Erik's, but never found the answer. Magneto, whose real name is Erik, also used the name Eric the Red briefly when Gambit was on trial.

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