Erik Magnus's Mother
Real Name Unknown
Team Affiliations Jews
Family and Friends Wife
Erik Magnus (Son)
Wanda Maximoff (Granddaughter)
Pietro Maximoff (Grandson)

Erik Magnus's Father was the father of Erik Magnus.

He lived in Europe when World War II broke out. As he and his wife were Jewish, Nazi Germany targeted them during the Holocaust.

At some point, Erik ran through war torn buildings looking for his parents but were unable to find them before he was captured by soldiers.

The memory of their deaths prompted Erik to become Magneto. He used his mutant powers to protect other mutants from suffering the same fate as his family.

When Magneto attacked Metro Chemical, Professor X forced him to relieve his memories of trying to find his parents.


Both parents were unnamed, unseen, and unvoiced.

Long after the conclusion of X-Men, his name was revealed to be Jakob Eisenhardt.

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