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Series X-Men
Release Date April 27, 1996
Episode Number 50
Writer Stephanie Mathison

Charles Xavier is trapped on the astral plane, and at the mercy of the Shadow King.


Outside Xavier's mansion, a black storm cloud brews up in the night sky and sends a bolt of lightning that wakes all of the X- Men up. The team step outside to investigate and find themselves facing illusions of their greatest fears and phobias. Wolverine fights a fake Sabretooth, Jubilee fights a fake Sentinel, Storm is covered in darkness and the actual Cyclops sees a fake Mister Sinister kidnap a fake Jean Grey. As Professor X is having a bad dream, augemented by the lightning strike, the real Jean and Beast state that the Professor has had a concussion which is affecting his powers. Cyclops is not convinced by this.

Inside Xavier's head, he is experiencing a paradise world where he and the other mutants are relaxing and at peace. In his astral form, Xavier discovers that Shadow King is behind the psychic attack and is trying to break out of the astral plane. While battling his old nemesis in their astral forms, Xavier realises that he is trapped in the astral plane and Shadow King plans to inhabit Xavier's body and free himself. Alerted by Xavier, Jean tells the team that Xavier is in a mental battle. Shadow King manages to take possession of Xavier's body and continues to subject the team to their darkest fears. Jean projects her astral form into Xavier's head to help defeat Shadow King.

In the astral plane, Xavier and Shadow King continue to battle. Xavier manages to defeat the villain in psychic combat and Jean helps to seal the Shadow King back into the astral plane.







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